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Smash Balloon – The Instagram Feed Pro You Need

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Are you looking for that customized IG feed for your WordPress site? In case the answer is yes, then you have the Smash Balloon IG Feed Pro by your side for some help. You can test your current IG page by trying out the Demo section, or you can buy now after going through the pricing options, as mentioned in details online. With the help of this feed, now you get the chance to add some customizable, beautifully clean and responsive IG feeds to the website. The software is super simple to use and set up. It further comes with multiple customized options, which will match the feel and look of site seamlessly.

If this is your first time ever using this Instagram feed, then chances are high that you might be nervous. You might further get confused with so many features of this feed, and it is rather common. Don’t be afraid as the reputed team from gramblast is always there to be your helping guiding hand right now. So, without wasting time any further, make sure to log online and check everything in details about this IG feed before using it. This step will help you to learn everything, and even the small details, of this platform so that you can confidently use it in near future.

Why do you need this?

It happens to be the most promising question popping up right in your mind. What are the reasons to use Smash Balloon, when you have so many other IG Feeds pro for the WP site?  Some features as mentioned below might help you get the right result.

  • Increase your social engagement: Through this IG pro feed, you get the opportunity to increase engagement between you and the IG Followers. It is also perfect for increasing followers’ numbers by just displaying IG content directly to your website.
  • Best way to save time: If you don’t have enough time to update photos on site, then this feed pro is the one for you. It will help you easily to save time and even increase the level of efficiency by just posting photos to IG and then displaying the same automatically on your online site.
  • Displaying content in the way you want it: Now you have every right to just customize the IG feed to make it look like you have always wanted. It will help them to easily blend seamlessly into the site or just pop up right for your visitors.
  • Help to keep your site looks fresh: Through this feed, you can automatically push IG content right onto your site to keep it look all fresh and clean. It will further help you to keep the audience engaged for a long time.
  • No need for coding: You can always choose from tons of various built-in customized options. It will definitely help you to create an awesome and unique feed, designed for the IG Content.
  • Simple steps to set up: Once you have installed this IG feed for WP, you will get the chance to display IG photos within a span of 30 seconds! That’s quite less than what you have anticipated before. There is no confusing step involved in this procedure. Moreover, you don’t need the help of an IG developer to set up your account with this feed pro.
  • Amazing customer support service as and when needed: The team working with this feed is well-aware of customers’ needs and the time when they need help with the software. Sometimes customers might face some issues or may have some questions to get answers to. The team loves their customers quite a lot and strives to offer the best supporting experience in this current business. So, if you are ever in need of some support just let them know and they will get back to you right away.
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Features of this software:

Before you end up using Smash Balloon for your WP site, you might want to know what to expect from this source. For that, going through the options will help you big time.

  • You get the chance to display IG photos from any of the non-private IG accounts.
  • The software is designed to be completely responsive and also ready for your mobile users. It will make the site look great on screen and in any container width possible.
  • You get the chance to display various IG feeds on the same page or on multiple pages throughout the site by just using powerful shortcode options.
  • Get the opportunity to display posts from various IG account, location IDs, hashtags and coordinates. You will come to check posts that you have liked or even custom curated a feed of any specified single post.
  • Make sure to combine various feed types right into one single feed. You can even choose from various layouts which will include a highlight, carousel, grid, and even masonry.
  • It will use some of the built-in shortcode based options for completely customizing each one of the IG feed. It will infinitely load extra of IG photos with the help of its “Load More” button.
  • You get the opportunity to view comments and photos right in the pop-up lightbox. It comes with HTML5 video support, which is just great for you.
  • It will offer you with the built-in post-caching, which is designed for minimizing IG API requests and also for speeding up the current loading time. It comes handy with backup caching, which will prevent the feeds from failing when you need them the most.
  • It can always support the Slideshow or carousel posts on IG and even share photos to some of the popular social media networks like on LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, Google+ and even Pinterest.
  • You can even filter posts if you want by media type. For that, you can choose to show only the videos or photos.
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Now you know why people are more into this Instagram Feed Pro for their WordPress site. If you want to try it out on your own, you are most welcome to do so.

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