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Should I Use WordPress for a Business Website

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A virtual interface is an essential aspect of any modern business and more so for a startup who can use the online avenue for marketing as well as selling their product or services. WordPress is an economical as well as a productive platform for web development and small business owners can benefit from using it for creating a new interface or to move the website to WordPress. A few attractive benefits that an entrepreneur will enjoy on migrating website to WordPress are being presented here.

1. Cost-Effective Platform

WordPress is open source cms and completely free of cost and a user needs to pay for web hosting and domain name services and the development costs involved are really low with many themes and plugins available for free. Even if professional help is solicited for building a website, the final cost will be relatively lower than other platforms.

2. Easy To Use

The service is browser-based and if the owner wishes, modifications can be conducted from anywhere in the world. Apart from this, the easy to use dashboard makes the process of changing or modifying the website components extremely effortless. A user has to simply pick and choose the design or functionality elements and adding them to the interface can be done in a few clicks.

3. In-Built Blogging Facility

WordPress started out as a service for bloggers and even today, the platform possesses in-built facility for adding a blog to a website. A blog can be a very effective medium for giving out useful information and therefore can help in building up the credibility and positive image of any brand.

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4. Effortless E-commerce Integration

Another feature that can encourage a lot of startup owners to move the site to WordPress is that the CMS gives the facility for effortlessly integrating e-commerce elements to a website. In fact, it is one of the most popular services being used for launching online stores with all necessary elements such as product catalog, customer management, payment gateways and shipping options.

5. Search Engine Friendly Nature

The interfaces developed using the service are extremely search engine friendly in nature with the simple code of WordPress allowing them to be discovered and indexed by all major search engines including Google. There are numerous SEO plugins available on the platform, which when used help in optimizing the content as well as other important elements of a website so as to improve their visibility.

6. Aids Responsive Web Design

Another key benefit of moving a website to WordPress is that it gives access to a responsive interface capable of providing an optimum user experience on any device and any screen size. Most of the themes for web development on the CMS support responsive web designing and can be easily employed for acquiring a mobile-friendly interface.

7. Provides A Scalable Platform

Startups need a platform that will be helpful in expanding the operations of the website when the business grows in future. Having a framework that does not adapt to the growing needs will require migrating to another platform which can be counterproductive for the business venture. WordPress users do not face any such problems as it provides a scalable platform of web development which can easily incorporate any changes irrespective of the magnitude.

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8. Large Developer And Support Community

The open source nature of the CMS led to the growth of a large developer community which enriched the platform with numerous beneficial features apart from a vast range of themes and plugins. Moreover, there are a number of dedicated professionals specializing in using the framework for web development and they share their knowledge with other users on support groups and forums. Using a platform that guarantees efficient support will always be beneficial for any entrepreneur.


Startups have to operate on a limited budget and therefore using the open source CMS for building a new interface or moving an existing Drupal website to WordPress will help them in saving money without compromising on quality while getting a highly productive virtual interface.

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