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Weight Loss Shakes – Reasons Why They Are Healthy for You

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Weight Loss Shakes

Losing weight is a dream of many of you. Very few people are blessed with naturally perfect weight and fit body. It requires a lot of struggle and effort; additionally, you need to maintain a strict diet. Sometimes the diet chart that you need to follow consists of foods that do not taste good. Apart from that, these foods no doubt, keep the promise of making you slimmer. But, it takes a lot of time to deliver you with that aspired body weight. In case you are willing to get the perfect body shape in a shorter time, you can make some delicious recipes of weight loss shakes. These shakes are made with healthy protein, which helps you to lose weight rapidly.

How protein shakes help in weight loss?

Protein is the most important nutrient that reduces much of appetite for food intake. Another key ingredient is the fiber, which again helps in suppressing your appetite for the utmost time.  As a result, you eat less without feeling any hunger or cravings for food. Besides that, if you consume a high protein, it helps to advance the metabolism in your body.  To favor, your body burns extra calories than usual as your body tends to spend more energy to digest.

Food such as eggs, lean meat, and peanut butter unquestionably helps to boost metabolism. Apart from that, in your busy daily schedule, preparing a whole diet meal can sometimes be miserable and troublesome. Hence, replace your meal with the easy and quick making shakes at your kitchen.

Benefits of this weight loss shakes

In a comparison between protein shakes and weight loss supplements, the former is more beneficial for fitness.  The supplements may show amazing results, but, the protein shakes are made from 100% original ingredients. Let’s check out the other health benefits that you can attain from the protein shakes-

  • While you are making a habit of having weight loss protein shakes, the unhealthy eating of snack is being reduced gradually
  • These drinks not only helps in losing fats but also makes your skin glowing and ageless
  • Moreover, you can have a track on the quantities of the items you are consuming in your daily diet

List of 10 delicious weight loss drinks

Every day consuming the same meal can make you feel monotonous. Thus, for a change, try out these amazingly delicious weight loss shakes at home and attain full benefits out of it.

1. Mango Chia seed shake

When it comes to weight loss, the chia seeds work like magic. The rich fiber in it makes you remain fuller for a longer time. On the other hand, mangoes are also low in fat and carbohydrates, besides the natural sweetness of the fruit allows you to consume the drink by adding extra sugar. Just blend both items in your blender and consume it at your breakfast after having a full glass of warm water. This recipe not only helps in weight loss but also content your taste bud.

2. Peanut butter protein shakes:

Peanut butter protein shakes

Another top weight loss shakes is a peanut butter protein shake. Rich in taste, creamy texture and nutty flavor make it taste delicious. As there is no sugar added to it, this protein shake is a magical recipe for those who are following a weight loss regime. Besides, the base of the drink is low-fat milk, which again helps in providing lots of favorable nutrients to your body. If you have lactose intolerance, you can replace the milk with unflavored yogurt. Yogurt is once again a mind-blowing component for losing fats from your body.

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Make this easy recipe by blending two tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 cup of low-fat milk or yogurt, and your delicious protein shake is ready. You can either have it chilled or in medium room temperature.

3. Spinach Protein Shake

Those who are trying to avoid milk and add some veggies in your weight loss shakes, a spinach protein shake will be the best choice for you. Spinach is full of vitamins and minerals and also contains a good amount of fiber in it. But, make sure, not to add any sugar or flavor as it may reduce the quality of the drink

If you want to avoid cow milk, you can use almond milk as the base of the shake. Blend both the ingredients; you may even add some chunks of fruits like berries, bananas, mangoes, etc to add some fruity flavors into it. You can have it both at your breakfast and dinner.

4. Berry shake

Berries are a great source of antioxidants that help to remove all the toxins of your body giving you a healthy weight and glowing skin. The berries serve a large number of fibers too. Thus, it is extremely beneficial in losing calories and fat. You can take your favorite berries, such as strawberries, blackberries, etc. It would be better to skip sugar as you are consuming it for weight loss, you may mix some honey instead of it.

Take a cup of skimmed milk and mix a handful of berries in it, blend all the items, and add a teaspoon of honey to taste.

5. Spinach and flax shake

Spinach and flax shake

Both spinach and flax seeds are two magical ingredients to reduce overall body weight. Flax seeds serve you with magnesium, protein, phosphorus, omega 3, calcium and lignin. Regular consumption of the ingredients can make your skin smooth and also facilitate losing a great many kilograms.  The recipe is simple, take a glass of water and add some spinach leaves, a tablespoon of flax seeds, banana slices, pineapple cubes. Blend all the items and add a tablespoon of honey.

6. Green tea shakes

Green tea is considered as the weight loss tea, but many of you do not like the taste of the green tea in the form of beverage. If you are one among them, try the delicious green tea shake. Green tea consists of catechin which is a type of antioxidant that produces energy. The tea helps to burn excess fat as well. Moreover, green tea helps to compliment your gym activity, after working out have this yummy shake and enjoy sound health.

As the base of the recipe, you can use almond milk or lightweight coconut milk, Take two small teaspoon of green tea powder and blend it with the coconut milk. To get the creamy texture, you can even add some banana slices into it.

7. Fig and pumpkin shake

Fig and pumpkin shake is the ideal choice of the people who are looking forward to reducing belly fat. Many of you have perfect body weight, but the bulge in the belly makes everything a mess. Figs are considered the best food item to make your belly skinnier burning all the fats. Pumpkin, on the other side, contains very low carb and lots of beneficial components to increase the speed in burning metabolism and fat.

Having a glass of fig and pumpkin shake makes you feel fuller for the remaining day cutting your regular food intake. Thus, your body produces energy from the minimal carbohydrate in your food list. Take one cup of your favorite milk; it can either be cow milk or vegan milk, then blend some figs and pumpkins with it. You can consume the weight loss drink this way, or you can also add a few nutritious fruits to rapid its work speed.

8. Oat milkshake

Oat milkshake

Oat milkshake is ideal for the vegans who do not consume cow milk. The main ingredient of the drink is almond milk, oats, bananas, and tofu. Oats are very low in calories and high in fiber, whereas tofu contains several nutrients. Both the ingredients make a powerful weight loss drink for the fitness freaks.

Add all the ingredients, including some cinnamon powder for natural flavors, and blend them until it forms a smooth texture. You may also add some honey if you want some sweet tint in it.

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9. Green giant milkshake

Green items are always healthy to eat; whether it is fruit or vegetables, naturally, green-colored foods provide the best result in case of weight loss. Thus, most of the dietitians suggest adding green food items in your diet plan. But the bitter truth is, most of you remain so busy, you do not get sufficient time to consume them individually. Thus, make a weight loss shake using all the green ingredients from your kitchen. You make take green apple, avocado, kiwi, spinach and blend all of them with a cup of unsweetened vegan milk.

Kiwi contains a magical component named actinidain. It is a type of enzyme which helps to break the fats and helps to digest high protein. Few people feel a great difficulty to digest high protein or gluten; for them, kiwi is the best fruit. Taking about green apple and avocado, these are two common items that are present in every diet chart. Being rich in nutritious value and a big origin of antioxidants, the green giant milkshake is the best weight loss drink.

10. Strawberry and ginger shake

According to some researches, it has been proven that gingers wonderfully helps to control your appetite. The less you are hungry, and the more your diet regime will get its success. Keeping it aside, it also boosts the digestion of the heavy proteins. Besides, the weight-loss shake contains the goodness of strawberries. Strawberries have a rich source of magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and all three items that help in reducing fat.

To prepare this drink, take a cup of low-fat milk and add 2 cups of strawberry in it. Blend the two items properly and add a teaspoon of honey to it.

Best time to intake these weight loss shakes

Though you can replace your meal with these drinks, the best time to consume it is after working out. When you work out, your stomach feels extreme hunger. More than that, eating the right meal after physical exercise helps to develop your muscle health and makes you stronger and healthier.

Or, you can have it before an hour of exercise. If you consume the weight loss shakes before your workout, it works as an energy booster. These drinks instantly energize you giving the maximum enthusiasm for participating in the exercise.

Advantages of having weight loss drink at dinner:

If you are in the group of people who engage in the gym activities on certain days of the week, you may have the drinks at night. If you take your shake before going to bed, your body can attain lots of benefits. Research proves that weight loss shakes before bed improves muscle synthesis. This is the reason why the dietitians suggest the athletes add protein shakes at dinner. Aside from that, adults can absorb the protein from their shake better during the night hours. Some studies show that consumption of protein at dinner help to increase the skeletal muscle. The ingredients present in the drink also assist in generating a good night nap beating insomnia.


Is meal replacement with weight loss shakes a good idea?

The key ingredients of the weight loss shakes are doubtlessly good for your health. But, relying on them skipping a meal for the long term can show some unwanted results. Thus, it would better to balance both. Once you get the perfect body weight, try adding small meals in your diet.

Does weight loss drink show faster results?

Weight loss is not an easy task. But, if you stick to your restricted diet and consume weight loss shakes, replacing your regular meal, you may successfully lose 200 to 400 pounds based on the ingredients of your drink.

Does green tea go well in diet shakes?

Green tea is the most renowned weight loss tea for losing belly fats. It burns out the extra calories and gives you stronger muscles. Its rich antioxidant properties boost metabolism delivering your ideal body shape. Hence, add a good quantity of green tea in your daily diet drinks and enjoy its massive benefits.

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