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A lot of talks already exists about digital marketing and its cost-effectiveness and excellent results at achieving higher conversion rates. The results of digital marketing can be measured in terms of increased sales and profit, or improved brand awareness and an increase in blog visitors. While profit is the end-game of any business, the latter two above are also vital in bringing other benefits that cannot be quantified in monetary terms. If your company has a digital marketing campaign, it is essential that you come up with methods of determining whether your campaign is bringing in returns, if any. Below is a list of ways you can use to measure the success of your digital marketing:

Online sales

The amount of money your company is generating from online sales is an indicator of your conversion rates. You can easily use a tool like Google Analytics to measure your online sales volume. All you need is to insert a short line of code into your website (this is perfectly safe), and you will not only determine your sales volume but the campaigns that are driving them. Online sales are the most necessary conversion for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Online-to physical store sales

If you have a physical store separate from your site, you may also want to track the number of clients that walk in after an encounter with your online marketing campaigns. If you have an online store, some clients may prefer a walk-in rather than to buy online while buying high-value items like electronics. To track this type of clients, you can offer a special promo code on your site for them to use at your store. You can ask them to fill out a feedback form on which you ask them how they found your business.

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Website visits

Here, you want to find out which of your campaigns is driving the most visitors to your business website. This metric is helpful when you run a blog or want to determine if your SEO techniques are yielding results. Many online store owners may not find the number of website visitors an important trend to follow, but it may be essential because it may reveal an unusual drop in organic traffic. If you want to improve your site SEO, consider signing up for Traffic Tsunami training.

Number of page views per visit

This metric will add some more weight to the number of website visits. It will help you determine whether your visitors are intrigued enough to stay and browse through your products. Google Analytics will show you how your website visitors are behaving: how long they are staying and what pages they seem to like most.

Bounce rates

Bounce rate is the number of times people hit the ‘back’ button as soon as they land on your website. A high bounce rate is often bad for business, and, of course, for SEO. If your site is too slow in loading, is crawling with spam and other ads, or is non-appealing and not responsive to mobile browsers, you may have a higher bounce rate.


Measuring the success of your digital campaigns is just as important as setting up and managing the drive itself. You will be able to determine what campaigns need improvement or more resource allocation so you can quickly accomplish your goal.

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