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5 tips to increase Instagram followers

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We all remember the time when Instagram was new in town and all it was used for was posting lots and lots of picture. However, over time, Instagram has gained great popularity and now runs as a serious platform for people like content creators and social influencers.

If you are looking for tips to increase the number of your followers on Instagram, then this is just for you. There are several shortcuts like buying the followers or using bot activity. You can conveniently buy 100 Instagram followers or more, however bot activity is certainly not a great idea especially after Instagram has created a strict policy against unauthorized activity.

So, let’s get into the top five tips you could use to grow your Instagram following.

1) Engage audience through popular hashtags

You took an aesthetic picture and posted it on Instagram. Great. That will help you get likes from your current followers but the picture alone with a caption will not help you reaching out to new people. For that, using the right hashtags is the trick. Through hash tagging, people can find you more easily as they search for that certain hashtag that you have posted under the picture. Like for example you took a picture with a loved one so you can go for #love or you are out in the greens so you can use #nature. These are two of the many popular Instagram hashtags and would get new people in your following list.

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2) Be consistent and timely

Gaining followers can be easy but keeping them to follow you on the long term is not always a piece of cake. Your family and friends might never unfollow you, but the new followers have no such commitment as they look for content. If you are posting once in a month then people might forget your face and that can cause a great decline in your followers. Similarly, no one wants to see your picture in the same pose, in the same place every day. So, try to post pictures often, not excessively or rarely. If you post them at late hours of night or early in the morning, then even the hashtags might not help you sometimes. So, try posting pictures at an hour like evening when you expect more people to be using Instagram.

3) Aesthetic feed as a feast for the eyes

Now everyone these days have developed a subtle aesthetic sense as they look for themes and pictures that satisfy their love for exquisite Instagram feeds. So, look for a theme that suits your style and sits perfectly on the pictures you post. You can go for either for vibrant colors like yellow or deep black and white if you like a darker theme. This would work great for new followers who are likely to stalk your Instagram feed.

4) Go with the flow of Instagram

Every now and then, we see a new challenge trending and going viral all over the internet. Going with the flow here is for you to hop on the trends and stay updated with any such challenge that is getting increasingly popular. If you like to do stuff out of the box, then make your own version of that challenge that people would love and will follow you in expectation of related content in future.

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5) Compelling captions and picture perfect

Getting the perfect picture can be an easy deal if you know your picture angles and have a good camera. With a little retouch using Instagram filters and editing, you can breathe a new life into your picture. To compliment your picture and give it a boost, add an interesting caption to it. The visual, the picture, and the text, the caption, together will work great to attract a larger audience as people would look forward to more such content from you.

These tips would work like magic for increasing your followers in a short span of time if you get your grip on them the right way!

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