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The World of Luxury Watches

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Luxury watches can be very expensive, more expensive than most homes and cars. In addition, they lose very little value from time to time. Some even win. Unless you are reminiscent of disco years or a gangsta rap fanatic, a man will not be spoiled for choice in the jewelry department; he must be satisfied with the watch. When he wants to show his smoothness, he has to do it on the wrist.

But which watch gives this award? The watch market is quite complicated, and it’s luxury, without limits. A luxury watch is an important purchase, it takes longer to choose than a car. It’s better to buy it in a certain period of time. In addition, they lost far less value than cars, and some of them even ended up in the collector’s market. For information, in some cases, certain types have higher selling prices than when they were first purchased.

Classic or original?

The first thing to look for is the eternal character that will survive from fashion, and that is what makes the making of a big watch. Among the choices are Rolex Oyster Datejust, Panerai, Portuguese IWC, Jaeger Lecoultre’s Reverso and Breitling’s Navitimer. We must be wary of models who are too brave because these watches are made for the long term, we must be able to pass them on to our children.

It is true that you must be aware of fashion effects such as Panerai or Ulysse Nardin, you should also avoid brands that have nothing to do with watchmaking; Chanel is perfume and Mont Blanc is a pen. You won’t have ten watches in your life unless you win the lottery, so choose well! Some of them have a sale value that is far greater than the average car so if you are careful before buying your Honda, why not be careful when buying your Cartier Ballon Bleu?

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Where to start?

Step one: Search the Internet, factories and independent sites. You must take the time to understand the technology and history of the watch. Then try the watch in the shop. Attention: every trader has an exclusive value. Usually, the seller gives you three to six models before the final decision, some are more impulsive than others, you need one or two visits, the second is often used to get your partner’s approval.

At the time of purchase, ask about after-sales service: what is the repair time? Are they finished on location? If yes, does the watchmaker qualify? The qualifications of a watchmaker must be a primary consideration before you decide to pay.

Switzerland is very much associated with the world of watches

Swiss manufacturers have proven themselves in history, they produce less, and their watches are real long-term pleasures, there are Swiss and some Germans, and there are others as if we compare Mercedes with GM. In the end, Switzerland has an irreplaceable reputation in the world of watches. Hopefully, this article provides useful knowledge for you.


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