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How to Start a Janitorial Business: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Start a Janitorial Business: The Ultimate Guide

Do you think it’s time to start a business? A janitorial business may not as sexy as a tech startup, but it offers a great opportunity to build a business that lasts for years.

That can help you go beyond five years, which is the breaking point for many businesses. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges. You still have to deal with things like increasing profits and staff turnover.

However, if you know how to start a janitorial business in a way that builds a strong foundation, you’ll be better equipped to overcome major challenges later on.

Read on to discover how you can start a janitorial company that’s ready for success.

Pick Your Market

Janitorial services are usually split between commercial and residential services. These are two very distinct markets with different needs.

You may be able to handle both markets at once, but when you’re starting out, you should choose one over the other.

It will help you refine your marketing instead of casting a very wide net. That targeted marketing will help you land your first clients to build your business.

A smart move would be to establish your niche and then expand into other niches and markets.

Get Your Team of Advisors

Being a business owner is lonely. It may feel like that all of the major decisions fall on your shoulders. That’s because they do.

It would be wise to establish a group of advisors that have areas of expertise that you don’t share with them. One person may be a sales expert, and another knows marketing. A couple of people that are absolute musts are a business attorney and accountant.

As your business needs change, you may need a tax attorney or a human resources professional on your side.

Franchise or Independent

One of the big decisions you have to make at the beginning is whether or not you should purchase a franchise or operate independently.

There are pros and cons to each. With a franchise, there is a policy and standard operating procedure for everything. They have the infrastructure and systems set up. They have a brand name that people are already familiar with.

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On the downside, there’s no room for creativity to expand on those ideas. You would need to get permission to operate outside of what you’re given.

Operating independently gives you the freedom and flexibility to do what you see fit for your business. You would have to invest the money to do everything from setting up software, creating procedures, and spend a lot of money on building your brand.

Both options are viable options that will enable you to build a great business. It’s really a matter of what you prefer.

Officially Form the Company

Are you ready to make your business official? You’ll want to register your business with the secretary of state’s office and local tax authorities. You should also get an employee identification number from the IRS.

You’ll want to make sure that you consult with a business lawyer to make sure you use the proper company formation, whether that’s as an LLC or an S-Corp.

When you decide on a name for your business, you want to make sure that it’s not already used and purchase the domain name. That will help you market your business later on.

Write a Business Plan

A business plan is a necessary part of starting a business. The reason why is simple. You need to have a way to understand the big picture.

You’ll know what the competition is doing, the risks to your business, and what it will take to be profitable.

Banks and franchisors usually require a business plan so they can see that you know what you’re doing.

Get Financing

There are a number of ways to fund your business. Once you do your business plan, you’ll know how much you need. You should account for your start-up expenses and your operating expenses for a number of months while you get clients.

You can get a small business loan from the Small Business Administration or your local bank. You can also crowdfund your business or fund it all yourself by bootstrapping.

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Purchase Equipment and Supplies

The money you get will need to go towards equipment and supplies. You need computer equipment, software, office furniture, and cleaning supplies.

You want to partner with a good janitorial store that offers what you need, is great to work with, and will enable your business to grow. This can be the most important vendor because, in order to deliver a top-notch cleaning service, you need to have superior products.

Focus on Marketing

At this point, you have the basics of your janitorial business. You should be ready to get clients. There are so many ways to market your business, it can get confusing and overwhelming.

You need to be visible in places where your target audience will see you. You also want to have a mix of digital marketing and offline marketing. They work very well together to help you build your brand.

Deliver a Great Service

You promise your customers a great cleaning service. It’s time to deliver on that promise.

Your job doesn’t end after you work with a client. You want to follow up with them and ask for reviews and referrals.

Most people are willing to refer business your way, they just don’t because they’re not asked to. Don’t miss this opportunity because it can help you build a stable business.

How to Start a Janitorial Business the Right Way

Starting a business is a great adventure. You never know what each day will bring. One day, you’re out networking and meeting with potential clients. The next day, you’re hard at work on a job and then managing payroll.

Learning how to start a janitorial business that thrives is hard work. You need to set a good foundation by surrounding yourself with good advisors. You also need a business plan, financing, and marketing.

Most of all, you need to deliver excellent service. That’s what will keep people coming back to your janitorial services rather than your competition.

Would you like more tips to help you get your new business going? Check out this blog often for more great content.

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