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9 of the Best Hidden Cameras to Buy for Your Business

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9 of the Best Hidden Cameras to Buy for Your Business

Did you know that more than 95% of American employees steal from their employers in some form or fashion?

Some do it by literally stealing products from shelves or money out of cash registers. Others do it by “stealing” time. Rather than working while they’re on the clock, they play on their cell phones or browse the internet on their computers.

If you own a business, you should keep a close eye on your employees to make sure they’re not stealing from you. You can do it by installing the best hidden cameras money can buy.

It’s not legal to put hidden cameras into place in certain areas, like restrooms and locker rooms. But you’re welcome to put them almost anywhere else you want.

Here are nine of the best hidden cameras that you should consider buying for your business.

1. Wall Clock Hidden Camera

One of the things that all of the best hidden cameras have in common is that they tend to blend into their surroundings. People might look at them dozens of times every day without ever thinking that they could be cameras.

Wall clock hidden cameras are an excellent example of this. They aren’t really “hidden” at all, in that people will often glance at them time and time again to see what time it is.

But they’re so painfully obvious that most people won’t even consider the possibility of them having hidden cameras in them. You can place them almost anywhere in your business without anyone batting an eye.

2. Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Every business owner should make sure they have smoke detectors scattered throughout their commercial properties. They can be used to alert employees about the presence of smoke and fire within a building.

They can also be used to camouflage the fact that some of your smoke detectors are hidden cameras that you’re using to monitor your employees. Employees won’t think twice when they see you put up a new smoke detector somewhere in your building.

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3. Light Bulb Hidden Camera

How many light bulbs do you have in your building right now? Chances are, there are dozens of them in all the various rooms throughout your property.

Add one more to the mix in the form of a light bulb with a hidden camera tucked inside of it. Some of these hidden cameras can even be adjusted and aimed so that they capture what’s happening in one particular part of a room.

4. Cell Phone Charger Hidden Camera

You will need to be a little bit careful if you choose to go with this hidden camera in your business. People are always looking for cell phone chargers these days, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise if one of your employees sees your cell phone charger hidden camera and tries to use it to charge their phone.

But your business probably has so many cell phone chargers in it right now that plugging one more in won’t raise any eyebrows. You can situate it in a break room or near your front register to keep tabs on what’s taking place in your business at all times.

5. Pen Hidden Camera

Looking for a hidden camera that you can pick up and move around a lot?

These options are all great. A pen hidden camera, in particular, is a terrific option for any business owner who wants to be able to pick up a hidden camera and move it around while others are watching them.

People won’t be suspicious at all if they see you pick up what appears to be a regular old pen and move it from one part of your business to another. It’s one of the best hidden cameras for those who need something portable.

6. Picture Frame Hidden Camera

Normally, picture frame hidden cameras are ideal for homes. Parents are known to put these hidden cameras out in plain sight when they have a babysitter watching their kids.

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But these hidden cameras can also be used in some businesses. If your company has an office space that you use, you can throw a picture frame hidden camera right in the middle of it to capture everything that’s going on when you’re not around.

7. Tissue Box Hidden Camera

Would it be weird to have a picture frame sitting out in the middle of your office for seemingly no reason?

A tissue box hidden camera might make a little bit more sense for you. People will appreciate you tossing a box of tissues onto a counter for them without suspecting that there’s a hidden camera inside.

8. Plant Hidden Camera

There are dozens of benefits of adding real plants to your office. Plants can bring down the stress levels in your office. They can also make your employees a heck of a lot more productive.

Throw some real plants into your office and then stick a plant hidden camera right in the middle of them. People will love the plants and won’t think anything of the extra one that you add to the bunch.

9. Dummy Rock Hidden Camera

Are you on the hunt for the best hidden cameras that can be used outside of your business? A weatherproof dummy rock hidden camera might be your best option.

You can position it on the exterior of your business without worrying about the rain doing any damage to it. It’s a great way to monitor what’s taking place right on the outside of your commercial property.

Buy One of the Best Hidden Cameras for Your Business

You might spend almost every waking minute running your business these days. But even still, it’s going to be impossible for you to see everything that goes on inside of it.

Use one of the best hidden cameras to keep a watchful eye on the things you might miss otherwise. You might be surprised by how your employees behave when you’re not around.

Take a look at our blog to learn other ways to make your business more successful than it already is.

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