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Locksmith Tips They Use to Open Door Locks When You Call a Locksmith

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What if after coming back from office or market, you try to enter your house and find your door jammed or don’t find your keys? Forgetting keys in this busy schedule of life, or getting locked outside your home gardening are some of the common issues faced by almost all of us in our daily lives. At such times, a locksmith would come to your rescue.

In this article, we will discuss a bunch of secret tips and tricks that are used and executed by the locksmiths while opening any door lock. Some of their topmost secrets are mentioned below.

  1. The witty spare or duplicate keys:

The first and foremost tip from any locksmith is to locate your spare keys as soon as possible. If you are living on rent, then rush to your property manager or landlord.

According to the locksmiths, there is no such key that doesn’t have a replica. Even those, which are stamped as “do not duplicate” are duplicated all the time.

2) Proper installation of deadbolts:

Deadbolts are one of the best locks that need to be properly installed. There must be a one-inch “throw” along with the “strike side,” it should have a security plate. The screws should be three inches away.

In most of the cases, it is found that the contractors haven’t installed the locks properly. Due to which the locks get damaged very often. So locksmith suggests having a proper installation of the deadbolts or else it won’t be easy to fix the problem permanently.

3) Easy to cheat cheap locks:

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For most of the professional locksmiths, it is very easy to unlock those cheap locks as they are produced in bulk by the mass producers. They suggest you to at least go for grade 2.

4) A Bump Key could be useful:

When it comes to locked house doors, a bump key is something very useful to unlock pin based locking systems. Pin systems are usually spring-loaded with the ridges of the keys pressed against the correspondent pins.

However, such keys are not beneficial for a double-sided lock. Since most cars contain a double-sided lock, so bump keys are not useful if a car door gets locked.

5) Be gentle with your safe:

The locksmith suggests being very slow and calming while opening the numeric locks. You must need to spin the dial gently. If you try to open it before it is unlocked and forcing it to open will automatically increase the problem.

6) The Fingerprint GamePlay:

To remove all the mess around you, the locksmiths also give suggestions about installing the fingerprint locks. The fingerprint scanners eliminate all the chaos of carrying the key set with you. You just need to punch your finger to open the locks. It can be only unlocked via authorized fingerprints.

7) The bobby pins:

It is one of the most common hacks we are familiar with. However, the locksmiths also suggest that if no bobby pins are lying around, a butter knife or paper clips can also be used to unlock a door.

8) Try WD-40 or Silicone Spray:

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The locksmith suggests trying WD-40 or Silicone Spray if keys won’t turn or the pins get jammed. According to them, this hack solves the problem 25 to 40 percent of the time.

Wrapping up:

So the above-mentioned tips are some of the beneficial ones as suggested by the locksmiths to open door locks. Besides, even shoestrings can be used to unlock door locks. However, whenever you fall in such a trouble, before experimenting yourself and complicating things more, it is suggested to call any nearby locksmith.

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