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How To Properly Use Siding Nailers

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Ever looked at your living room & thought of having a new wooden floor with complementing wall colors? Or ever thought about having your bathtub in a different direction while enjoying the steamy bath? Or maybe remodel your stairs to make wooden shelves at the bottom to accommodate everyday items? If yes, then this particular article is for you. How many times do we have a thought about remodeling the different small portions of our house but we never let the thought seep in enough to take action; maybe because we really don’t want to waste money on hiring people we don’t trust or maybe because we would love to do it ourselves, so that its perfect, but we don’t know which tools would come handy. 


Today we will walk you through an important tool that would help you attach a beautiful ceiling, remodel your floors, bathrooms, stairs or any other part of your house. Also, if you are planning to get into the business of renovating houses or any building for others and bring a smile to their faces, stick to the end, and the tool will help you. 


 If you are building anything, the most important tool is the nailer. Now there are different types of nailers available in the market, and they are good for different purposes, i.e. siding nailers, roofing nailers and framing nailers. As we know the main task of a nailer is to put the nails into the surface but still, there are so many varieties in nailers which are defined by their various purposes. 


  • A roofing nailer is generally used for roofing jobs, as the name suggests, e.g. nailing shingles. The nail capacity of a roofing nailer is generally lower than that of a siding nailer. One can use it to put asphalt shingles or fiberglass’s on the rooftop of the house. This helps protect the house and people from natural disasters. This is designed in such a manner that the nails do not have to be replaced for at-least the next 20 years. Hence if you are looking for a long-lasting remodeled rooftop then go for a roofing nailer. There a number of roofing nailers available in the market. If you are looking for the top 5 roofing nailers, 


  • Also if rooftop remodeling is not something you would like to go for this season, then consider going for a siding nailer or a framing nailer. If you are remodeling your windows, stairs or building a treehouse for the kids, the siding nailer would provide more support to keep the wood in place. It is designed in such a way as to hole the siding for an extended period. One can use them in an upright position and can also adjust the depth of the nail that is inserted in the siding. The best part about using siding nailers is that they have `no marks` tips and hence don’t leave scratches or dents in the material. Also, while using a siding nailer, one gets 360-degree accessibility as we can shoot nails in any direction. 


  • Now let us talk about framing nailers briefly. Framing nailers and siding nailers are comparable, but they have their differences. Framing nailers are good to shoot nails in the hard to reach spaces; hence, the final product a be rough, whereas in the case of siding nailers the finishing is quite smooth. Framing nailers are generally heavier than siding nailers. The way of using both the nailers is also a bit different. Here is a quick description of how you can start using a siding nailer to remodel any part of the house.


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How to use:- 


  • For beginners, siding nailer would be the best because it is easy and straightforward to use. Now as we all know, the basic prerequisites would be nails and power-source, of-course apart from the gun. Now there are two types- nailers that run on electricity and nailers that run on compressed air. To help you begin, you should read this review of the all the high quality coil siding nailers available in the market. You can click on the hyperlink and go through the benefits of each of these top nailers and choose one according to your requirements. 


  • Now since siding nailers are adjustable, one can insert nails of different lengths and thickness. Hence purchase your nails to support your woodwork properly


  • Now once you have the right size nails, load them into your gun. Any standard siding nailer would have a capacity to load around 300 nails in a single magazine.


  • Before starting to shoot the nails, make sure that you have proper protection of your eyes and ears. You can pick any standard eye and ear protection, especially for beginners. If you have gloves to protect your hands, that might be worn too because the rate of the shooting of siding nailers is high.


  • Now before shooting the nails, adjust the depth of the gun to match the depth of the nails to have a perfect fitting. 


  • Now you are all set to start shooting. Connect to a power source, hold your siding, and start shooting. Make sure you hold the bottom of the nailer steady with one hand while holding the handle with another hand.


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Quick Tips:-


  • Don’t continue to fire rounds if the siding nailer jams, this might damage the nailer. Instead, switch it off and identify and remove the nail, causing the jam and then start shooting again.


  • Always take time to clean your nailer after completing your project. Also, check specially for the `no mark` tip. If it is worn off, make sure you replace it before using the nailer for another project to avoid any damage to the siding.


  • Always remember to use safety equipment before shooting any nails.


Have fun remodelling your house!

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