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Build Futuristic Websites: An In-Depth Look into the Latest Web Design Trends

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Build Futuristic Websites: An In-Depth Look into the Latest Web Design Trends

Are you planning to recreate your website design? Looking for the latest web design trends you could apply to your own website?

After all, you don’t want an amateur-looking site. You also want a business site optimized to boost traffic and profitable conversions.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin. Look no further because we have a list of the newest web design trends right here!

Read on below for these website trends that you can use for an updated look:

1. Asymmetrical Designs

Website design trends are breaking the boundaries of the grid. Now, designers are taking the balance out of the center and are weighing down one side or corner. This is also very much like a broken grid layout.

This type of design gives your website an unorthodox freshness. It’s a break from the rigid grid formula that puts your page in the spotlight. It’s a statement design that is growing in popularity among web designers.

Make sure your asymmetrical web design is mobile-friendly. In 2018, 57% of online traffic in the US came from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Creating an asymmetrical web design that adapts to mobile screens is where your ingenuity comes out.

2. Monochromatic Schemes

Looking for one of the simple and easy web design trends? Convert your page into a virtual space of monochrome. This technique doesn’t have to make your website simple or dull.

The key is to take a color vital to your web page, plus its lighter and darker hues. Pair it up with grey, white, or black.

The monochromatic scheme can make your page look elegant. It also solidifies your branding. The only disadvantage is the constraints on flexible design.

3. Interactive Web Designs

One of the popular trends in web design: interactive designs. Add interactive features like maps and calculators. This is a way to keep your visitors on your site longer.

Give your visitors unexpected surprises when they move their mouse over a space or text box. You can also add short games, unique loading spinners, or concealed facts. Do it as Google does with Google Doodles.

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You have to be careful with this trend. Its loading time should be quick and short. According to one Google research, 53% of visitors leave a webpage if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

4. Overlapping Elements

Overlapping elements in your website makes for an interesting UI experience. In this design trend, you create a more 3-dimensional page. This kind of design works well with asymmetry and broken grid layouts.

This aesthetic gives the elements on the page its own space or dimension. If you can, make it seem like they are separate from each other despite being on top of each other. In this case, shadows are your friend.

Pulling this off on mobile will be a challenge. Done right, your page gains an identity unique to the billions of others on the internet. Take extra care that navigation doesn’t become confusing to your visitors.

5. Bold Titles, Sizeable Headers

Sometimes your visitors don’t have the time to check everything on your website. You may need something eye-catching to engage them longer. To get your message across well and fast, use titles in large and bold fonts.

Do the same with your headers. If you wish to, you can fill up an entire scroll space. This approach works well with the white space design which we discuss below.

Make sure that the text you put in an extra-large font is catchy and valuable. Do it the way newspapers select their headlines and titles. They put emphasis on the most important information.

People on the internet are lazy readers so give them what they want right away.

This is helpful to small businesses who are just launching their websites. Check out this helpful guide for tips to launch your B2B website.

6. Integrated Videos

You’ve most likely seen videos that pop up on the corner of a webpage with no sound. This is how most websites follow the trend. They integrate videos that aren’t invasive or annoying.

This kind of integration makes for a more pleasant experience. Compare it to an auto-play video that takes up space and makes navigation difficult. Sometimes, your visitors don’t even know they have their volume at the highest level.

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Promote your products or services with the same non-invasive method. Create high-quality videos. When you upload them, make them pop up at the corners on mute.

Take note that including videos on your site could slow it down. If the video is taking too long to load, you want to speed up your page. As we said before, your visitors only have a 3-second attention span.

7. A Lot of White Space

When minimalism became out of trend, a hint of it still remained. What can we say? Large white spaces on a webpage have a kind of decluttered feel and clean look.

Moreover, the white spaces function to highlight what isn’t white space. It creates a focal point in the design that draws your visitors’ eyes. This kind of design was a big taboo before but now it’s trending.

Be smart and balance your white spaces so your site doesn’t look empty. Note that your white space doesn’t have to be white. It only needs to be empty of any text or image.

8. Other Latest Web Design Trends

We have some bonus website trends for you. One of them is using custom illustrations. Businesses hire artists to create custom illustrations to stand out among their competitors.

Most artists on the internet have affordable rates. This is a great investment for small businesses. You attract more leads since your website will look less generic.

Storytelling through websites is one of today’s innovative web designs. You get to display your creativity while your audience gets to know the company or your products/services more. For this, you can use voice-overs, animation, and more.

It’s a great idea to create an inspiring About Us page. Since you give information about your company/website anyway, why not use narration? When you connect with your audience, there’s a higher chance to sell your products/services.

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date!

This list has some of the latest web design trends on the internet! We hope you found this post informative.

Remember that great web design should always be secondary to great content.

Did you find this read or your journey in redesigning your own website inspiring? You may find your passion for visual arts and design. Check out our 8 tips on how you can become a graphic designer.

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