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Things a UX Professional has to Know Before Joining a UX Agency in San Francisco

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Working in San Francisco is a dream come true for many talented UX/UI designers. Some of the world’s best agencies are located here. Large brands attract big clients along with interesting projects that will look great in your portfolio. 

Nonetheless, before you start working at a professional UX/UI design agency in San Francisco, consider the following points.

Top things you need to know when joining a San Francisco UX agency

UX/UI design agencies located in proximity to Silicon Valley are proud of their professional approach.

Here is what you have to know about before you join a professional team of designers.

1. This is a team game

San Francisco UX/UI agencies have teams of UX analysts, copywriters, and designers. You will have to learn to work on a team, discuss your solutions, brainstorm, help others, accept help, and so on. If you have worked as a freelancer before, this can be really hard for you. However, it is a necessary condition if you want to succeed in working in a company. 

2. Having a mentor is necessary

Local agencies will take you to a new level. If you are starting a completely new career or have never worked in an agency before, you will definitely need a mentor.

This is a senior designer with experience working in this particular company. They will become your guide and your friend in helping you with all the necessary things and controlling the quality of your work. 

3. Learn to persuade and say no

Many designers think that their work is only about preparing beautiful visuals or doing user research. However, the truth is that they have to persuade others and sell their solutions more often than they think.

Designers have to interact with a large number of people: other team members, clients, the owners of the company. While they all can have their own opinions about what is right to do, you are the responsible designer.

However, don’t be too pushy. Being able to make compromises is also a valuable skill. The final decision is always to the client.

4. Be patient

Everybody makes mistakes or has knowledge gaps. Even UX/UI designers working in the leading agencies in San Francisco cannot possibly know everything. 

Working on a team, you have to be patient toward your team members. Sometimes you will need to help them and teach them something; other times they will teach you.

5. Be client-oriented

The goal of a UX/UI designer is always to help businesses show their best potential in the digital world. Your stylish designs and well-thought-out architecture are simply tools for attracting customers and letting the end-users satisfy their needs.

While UX/UI design is an extremely creative job and it is amazing if you take it personally, you shouldn’t get too carried away. Be mindful of your clients’ needs. 


San Francisco UX/UI design agencies hire the best of the best to guarantee the highest quality to their clients. If you decide to join a local team, you should be ready to work in a team and have strong interpersonal skills. It is a valuable skill for a designer to be able to communicate their solutions and persuade colleagues and partners. You should also be patient and never take criticism of your work too personally.


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