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Best Online Courses for UX/UI Designers

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You can study web design without attending an expensive university, as dozens of online courses by experts in the industry have been made public. Some of them provide basic information, while others allow you to expand your knowledge on a particular topic. But how do you choose the courses that you really need so you don’t feel like you wasted your time on it? 

Well, we’ve gathered the top seven study programs for those who want to become top UX/UI designers.

1. Intro to User Experience Design by SuperHi

This is a short course for beginners in UX design. During the lessons you will learn:

  • What the difference is between UX design and graphic design
  • How to use various research methods to create websites
  • How to start creating prototypes
  • How to test a website with real people and get feedback

The course is suitable for everyone, regardless of experience in design. All you need to get started is a macOS, Windows, or Linux computer as well as an Internet connection.

In addition to the lessons themselves, after each lesson, there is a section with frequently asked questions.

2. Introduction to User Experience Design by Georgia Tech

This is a free course developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology faculty that is suitable for beginners in web design.

During the lessons, the lecturer will discuss the basics of UX design. Students will learn the four steps of creating an interface and how UI design companies satisfy users’ needs. They will learn how to use this data to develop a website design that will achieve their goals.

The course lasts five weeks, where the students take tests for the last two lessons. In the event of receiving a high mark, students are given certificates.

3. UI Design Course by Designlab

A beginner UI designer course that can be completed in four weeks, the teachers of this course are heads of design departments at world-famous corporations (Remix, Paidy, TouchBistro, and others).

During the first lesson, students will be told about what UI design is and what tools and techniques are used there. Next, they will learn how the brand affects the visual of the website, how to choose the right color palette for the interface, and how to use icons. The last week is devoted to prototyping and well-based presentation of the project that will be shown to customers and other designers.

After completing the course, graduates are given a finished project and a certificate.

4. User Experience Design Fundamentals by Joe Natoli

A course on the Udemy platform, which has been attended by over 77,000 users. It takes 10 hours to understand the basics of UX design.

The course is suitable for creating websites and developing the interface of mobile applications. During the lessons, the teacher will talk about:

  • The benefits of UX design for users
  • Determining business goals and the needs of website and application visitors
  • Principles of visual design
  • The elements of UX design and how they work together
  • Creation of convenient navigation
  • Choosing colors of the interface

There are 54 lectures in total. The teacher does not only give a theory but reinforces it with examples from real life, which makes learning much more interesting.

5. Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability from Skillshare

This is a course of ten short video tutorials from Marieke McCloskey, the Research Director at UserTesting. The lessons are suitable for designers, marketers, developers, and anyone who interacts with customers.

By watching the video, users will learn how to:

  • Make the website more convenient
  • Develop user-friendly designs
  • Respond to recommendations

The course is free, but you need to register on the Skillshare platform to view the lectures.

6. Advance Your Skills in US Design by Lynda

With this seven-lecture course from the leading experts in UX design, the lessons teach the basics of using programs to create interfaces for mobile applications and website visuals. Students will learn how to work with Sketch, InVision, and Illustrator.

In just nice hours, lecturers will tell you everything about:

  • Prototypes
  • Interaction when creating joint projects
  • Mobile design
  • Portfolio creation

You can start studying for free, but you need to pay for a subscription to complete the entire course. After graduation, students receive a ready-made portfolio.

7.UX Design Immersive Online by General Assembly

This is a course for those looking to build a career in UX design. Why is this course so special? Perhaps it’s because the General Assembly has over 19 partner companies recruiting graduates for internships.

The program consists of six steps. The first lessons are devoted to the basics of UX design. Next, students are taught how to be part of a team and how to use theoretical knowledge in practice. The last step is about career planning.

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The above-mentioned courses are primarily for beginners, but even seasoned web designers can learn something from them. Feel free to explore more resources for different levels of UX/UI design skills online.

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