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Transfer Google Docs from One Account to Another

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“I am using Google Drive account which has only 15GB storage. I was thinking to free some space but I do not want to lose any single bit of information. So, I created a new account for storing the data from old account. But I do not know how to  migrate Google Docs from one account to another. Can anyone tell me how do I move Google Docs from one account to another?”

Google Drive can store, edit or share files and synchronize them. It provides only 15 GB of free storage. This storage is shared among Gmail, Google+ and Google Drive. So, users always face storage problem. If users want more storage space, they can expand space with various subscription plans or create a new account. At this time, Google Drive users need to know how to transfer files from one Google Drive account to another. Hence, we are going to cover the appropriate solution for Google Drive data migration.

Why to Migrate Google Docs from One Account to Another

Google Drive offers only 15 GB free storage. So due to size restriction, many users create more than one account to get more free storage. Also, when a person has changed their job, graduated from college, they need to move their important files from an old Google Drive account to another drive. A user problem is given below to understand the need for migration.

How Can You Transfer Google Docs from One Account to Another Account?

There are many methods available to transfer files from one Google Drive account to another account. One can choose any of them according to their need.

Technique # 1: Download & Upload Each File Individually

  • First of all, open the Gmail account and log in by entering all the valid credentials.
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Gmail account

  • Now, click on the Google Apps icon & select from the list.Drive
  • Then, select the single doc file from the listed file that you want to move into another account.

select the single doc file

  • After that, click on the More actions icon where you have to select Download option.


  • Now, the selected file starts downloading on your local machine. The total downloading time depends upon the size of the file.

file starts downloading

  • Finally, choose the location in your device to save Google docs. And further proceed these steps with the next file.

choose the location

Technique # 2: Move Google Docs to Another Account via Google Takeout

  • At first, click on the My Account then enter the credentials to open your Google account.

My Account

  • Now, go to the Personal info & privacy >> click on the Control your content option.

Personal info & privacy

  • From this section, click on Sign in option.

 Sign in

  • Enter all credentials of Google Drive account. Click on the Next button.

Enter credentials

  • Now, you have different options. Click on the Create Archive option.

Create Archive

  • After that, click on the Select None button to disable all the default options & enable only the Drive option >> click on the Next button.


  • Then, a new web page appears. Go to the Delivery method & choose the Send download link via email option.

Send download link via email

  • In the next step, click on the Create Archive button to begin archiving of Google items. It takes time according to the size of the file.

Create Archive

  • After a successful archive process, click on the Google Apps icon and select Mail from the list.

Google Apps

  • Then, click on the email provided by Google takeout & click on the link provided to download the archive file.

 click on the link

  • Go to the previous step 7, click on the Add to drive option.

 Add to drive

  • Now, the archiving process starts. After archiving, click on Manage Archive option.

Manage Archive

  • If all file has archived, then download Zip file and click on the Done option.
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  • Once the ZIP file gets downloaded on your device, then, extract it on any location of your system
  • Finally, upload the extracted folder of the ZIP file to another Google Drive account.

What If Manual Method Fails?

If you think manual methods are not suitable for you then you can opt an alternate solution like Google Drive Migrator tool. It helps users to easily transfer Google Drive files to another account within a short time period. It also allows transferring deleted items along with Permissions. The tool provides various ingenious features like pause, resume and stop button during migration and also gives provision to transfer Google Drive data without password using admin account credentials.

  • Open the tool and choose Admin User account. Then click on the Add scopes link.

Add scopes to migrate Google docs from one account to another

  • Now, choose the Security option from Admin Console. You can also apply the Advanced settings.
  • After that, enter both Source Admin Email ID & Destination Admin Email ID and validate them. Click on Next button to proceed further.
  • Now, add users by clicking on any of Add User and Add CSV button.
  • Further, choose various migration settings like Migrate Permissions, Migrate Deleted Items, Migrate Shared Files, and Maintain Folder Hierarchy option.

multiple options

  • You can also apply date filter option then click on the Migration button to transfer files from one Google Drive account to another account.

apply date filter

Binding Up

Migration of Google doc to another account is not a difficult task. There are two manual solutions mentioned here. It will help users to move Google Drive files from one account to another. However, if someone is still facing any problem or error then, they can choose a third-party tool like SysTools Google Drive Migrator tool. It will definitely migrate Google Docs from one account to another in a hassle-free manner.

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