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Could an Allergy App Help You Manage Your Seasonal Sniffles?

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Could an Allergy App Help You Manage Your Seasonal Sniffles?

Allergies can be more than a mild inconvenience. For many, they can be downright dangerous and potentially fatal.

Close to 50% of all children in the US have at least one allergen they test positive for sensitivity.

Over 4 million children and several million adults suffer from food allergies. There are more than 7 million children who have suffered some respiratory allergic reaction within the past year.

Over 10 million doctor visits each year are the result of hay fever alone.

Allergies can wreak havoc on your life but an allergy app can help manage them.

Keep reading to learn more about how an allergy app can help you deal with your allergies.

There’s an App for That

Whether pollen has you sneezing like one of the seven dwarf’s, strawberries send you to the nearest emergency room or animals have you scrambling for your puffer, there’s an app for that.

Of course, there’s no app that can stop you from being allergic to something but there are apps that let you have better control over how allergies affect your life and how you manage your health.

You can find out the pollen and air quality for your area, learn what food and beverage choices are safe with your allergy, or research drug interactions and allergy warnings.

What’s Your Allergy?

If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from allergies, you’ll want to get diagnosed and learn exactly what things you have a sensitivity to. This will help you know how to counteract, treat, and manage your allergies.

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You can be prepared to treat an allergic reaction by having a puffer, an epi-pen, or some other form of allergy medication appropriate for your specific sensitivity to allergens.

Visiting an allergy center to determine the best care and management plan for your particular sensitivities will be helpful in keeping you feeling healthy all year round.

How Can an Allergy App Help?

You may be wondering how an allergy app can help you be healthier. No matter what you are allergic to, there are benefits to exploring the options out there to help you manage your allergies better.

Some ways that an allergy app can help you include:

Pollen and Mold Counts

If you suffer from seasonal allergies then knowing the pollen and mold counts can help you be more prepared for the day. When you know there are allergens that affect you in the air you can take an allergy pill, wear a mask, or avoid spending a lot of time outdoors on that particular day.

Identify Triggers and Symptoms

There are apps like Propeller Health that help you manage asthma and COPD through identifying and tracking the triggers that set off an attack or worsen symptoms.

You can keep a record of symptoms and information to discuss with your medical team or allergy specialist on your next visit.

Food and Drug Allergy Alerts

There are helpful apps available that can help you identify foods and medications that may affect your health or trigger an allergic reaction. Whether you need to avoid peanuts, shellfish or eggs you can find out what meals, foods, and beverages contain them.

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Drug interaction and allergy apps are also available to help patients and consumers identify what herbal, OTC, and prescription medications to avoid because of certain allergies and sensitivities.

Manage Your Allergies Better with an Allergy App

When it comes to allergies you don’t have to feel like you have no control. There is an allergy app available to help you take back control and feel healthier.

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