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5 Reasons to download QQ Music App

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Music gives a soul to the universe, fight to the creativity, wings to mind and life to everything. Everyone has to admit it! Life without music would be boring and untold. No one can deny the fact that life would be a mistake without the music because it has a blazing capability to push you at acme. Regardless of anything. Your behavior is directly proportional or depends upon what genre you listen to. If you’re listening to rock or metallic type of music then it can change your behaviour to a somewhat funky type. If you’re listening to pleasant music, romantic songs, or inspirational songs then it can change you to romantic person, calm person. With so many options for the music app, it can be a cumbersome task to find the best platform for a source of decent music. But I picked up the best choice for you – QQ Music App

What is QQ Music

QQ Music introduced by the Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) is one of the global leading apps used for music streaming. Owned by China music corporation, Tencent’s QQ Music app is arguably China’s best music streaming service. TME also bolsters four music apps which are known as WeSing, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music, and QQ Music. Chinese people favor local music streaming services from TME because it comes free of cost to them. Unlike other apps that rely upon the ads and premium subscription TME focusses on providing a true musical experience with Zero Ads in the QQ Music App.

Reasons to Download QQ music app

  • Can be accessed outside China as well
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China users can access to QQ Music app as it uses the Tencent Music Entertainment platform but other countries cannot. QQ music app blocks abroad IP address. Generally, a better option is to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or proxy to get a Chinese IP address. VPNs allow another network to create secure connections.

  • Works with WeChat; Allows Users to Socialize:

As QQ Music and WeChat are co-owned and controlled by TME they work quite-well in sync. WeChat is a multi-purpose messaging platform where users can sing karaoke, share videos, and live stream together wherever they want for free. All this works smoothly with the help of QQ Music App.

  • Supported by Facebook

QQ app has a Facebook application called QQ chat. It is a part of worldwide enlargement attempt. Users no longer have to create an account with the bunch of numbers which you don’t remember, but can instead log in to facebook account instantly on QQ chat. This will allow you to share music and chat with your Facebook connections.

  • User-Friendly App

In the QQ file transfer app, you can transfer files if you work in China. It is a superior tool for transferring the file that is free of cost. While there is no cap on the file size you can even send videos of high-quality. It also gives you the option to transfer files when you are offline and it pauses rather than reset when there are connectivity problems. Music is one of the best careers options that you might choose and you must join a music education classes to achieve the goal.

  • Technology
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A great thing about TME is that they offer different kinds of audio settings. Even you can opt for varying audios for listening to music depending upon your preferences. This includes superficially 8D and 24D which makes wholesome environment sound experience. TME enhances the accuracy and relevance of search results. However. All the music or videos streaming on our apps are copyright protected.


Tencent Music Entertainment had a wide variety of music streaming with various music apps – Kugou, Kuwo, Wesing, etc. it allows users to listen, share, and even create their music which can be broadcasted across the app. It provides users with superior sound quality. However, Tencent took advantage of the local culture. Enjoy listening QQ music app!

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