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Some key socialcaptain alternatives

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Instagram is one of the most used and the most favorite social media platforms nowadays. It is the most well-designed user-friendly ways. In the initial levels of Instagram, most of the activities were done manually by the users and a lot of time and effort was needed to do all the stuff manually on Instagram. Having a lot of social media accounts needs a high range of automation for maintaining the presence on all the platforms equally. It is one of the famous and most liked automation tools which is used by most of the Instagram users to have their organic growth. The main and key advantage of Socialcaptain is that it is highly user-friendly. It’s easy to use and easier to initiate as its just a game of a couple of minutes. The best feature of Socialcaptain is that it helps the users to interact with you and this creates an attraction for them towards your Instagram profile.

Pros and cons of Socialcaptain


  • Its easier to initiate.
  • It has full day automation spricespricesey feature of advance audience filter
  • Creates real time reports for performance
  • Has a well designed user friendly dashboard


  • The growth plan of the app has got limited features for the users
  • Only monthly pricing schedule option is available which might be inconvenient for most of the users.

To end up struggle using the social captain you have some alternatives as price optimization software which has a cloud-based system. The software is currently available for the users in Saas version and it is supported by almost all the types of devices. Zoho helps the users in monitoring different social media platforms, managing different accounts on those platforms in one time. With the help of Zoho, users are enabled to make better interaction with their customers. Moreover, you can monitor the keyboards and also schedule the post timings for your social media account.

Zoho provides the chance of multiple price options to its users. However, for a trial, there is a free plan too. You can select any plan among standard, professional and agency plans based on your needs and requirements.

1. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is also one of the social media platforms management software which has more than 10 million subscribers globally. It’s a monitoring and a planning software which is especially designed to work collectively with Instagram. You can easily track the fan scores of your profile. Moroever by using this software, you can also improve your followers list.

Other than this, it makes sure that your page gets the highest users engagement and scores best. You have more options to customize your articles when you are writing them. Another benefit of iconosquare is that helps you get the best time so that you can interact with your customers.

2. ContentCal

Contentcal is a software which helps you publish good contents and publish them on the right channels. As social media is all about sharing the right kind of contents with your followers. It’s a publishing tool for the social media which let’s you plan and publish the posts on your social media profile. It also works as a calendar with which you can schedule the content you want to post.

3.  Loomly

Loomly is one of the best ways you can use to reach a large number of followers for your page. This a calendar social media software which lets you plan your posts based on the peak engagement times. It makes sure that you post right stuff on the right time.

4. Mention

Last but not the least, mention is the social media brand management tool which works well as the socialcaptain alternative. This software helps you in monitoring your social media accounts and having insight regarding the progress your company use to make. This also grants the users an easy access to their automated reports which improve the online presence of brands.

Moreover this software provides you with the all needed information of your competitors and it also takes notes of the feedback your competitor brands get from the customer. You can get the complete records of the followers of your page and this lets you increase the customers engagement on social media profile.

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