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EtonX Will Teach You To Write Expert Essays

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EtonX Will Teach You To Write Expert Essays

Why Write?

When it comes to writing, some may say it is an art. Others will tell you it is a technical craft, that like math must follow rules and logic. The truth is, it is al of the above. This is why writing not only is a skill everyone should want to perfect but in this day and age its a mandatory skill in every arena of life. Whether you need to write an essay for school, a report for work, or come up with creative and engaging content for your business, writing skills are a must.

With so many great courses out there, however, how do you pick a course that has what you need? Let’s look at the following criteria for the most essential first task in writing. The essay.

Essay Writing

Now an essay is a multi-tiered writing assignment that involves a careful analysis of the prompt, technical expertise that allows you to plan and execute your writing in a clear and thought out manner, as well as utilizing language that both articulates your position and develops your argument accordingly. With the almost overwhelming access to thousands of other papers, ensuring that you avoid plagiarism is not as easy as it sounds. All of these elements and more are part and parcel to excelling in essay writing.

EtonX, thankfully, has as always, risen to the challenge and created a superb course on essay writing skills, that will hone each and every one of these points and more.

What is EtonX?

Surely, you have heard of the prestigious school, Eton. Well, even if you haven’t, just know that some of the most famous and successful people have attended this school. From Hugh Laurie, famous actor, to Prince William and Prince Harry, an Eton graduate is synonymous with success and excellence.

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EtonX came about in 2015, as a British tech company focused on innovating course materials to aid students around the globe, hone their skills for the future. Today, only a few years later, it has become the world leader in courses taken around the world. Their track to help students perfect their essay writing skills is one of many excellent course options.

What is included in a course? 

Each course has its own director from Eton college who has crafted the syllabus as well as any and all content, therein. The classes always include Eton’s ethos, as they include tutorials and extra-curricular as well. As Catherine Whitaker, EtonX, CEO, stated, “Our mission is to make essential life skills accessible to teenagers all over the world, delivered with exceptional quality.”

The essay writing course at EtonX includes the following:

  • Personal Action Plan
  • Interactive Video and Quizzes
  • Tutorials with trained tutors
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Certificate from Eton College

How to Get Started

One of the most unique elements of EtonX is that it is truly an equal opportunity institution, allowing anyone around the globe to participate and receive what their rich curriculum has to offer. The online course is offered in two separate but equal mediums The first is described as a self-study course. Think of this as a more relaxed, learn at your own pace style of education. This would probably be best suited for a student with more time to invest as well as someone who would like to make a smaller initial investment of money and time. At only $59, this course is fantastic for both!

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For someone looking to really get hands-on support and needs to quickly and effectively dive into essay writing, they can take the tutor group for only $399. This course provides regularly guided discussions and collaborative tasks. With 7-10 hours of self-study materials as well as an excellent group class with an EtonX tutor as well as your very own tutor group.

With both, you will get a state-of-the-art progress dashboard, so you can see your progress as you go along.             The tutor group also offers graded assignments, collaborative learning, and a certificate.

Begin your expert course today to improve or begin to learn how to perfect your essay writing skills.

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