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5 Main Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

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5 Main Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

The exterior of your building says a lot about you and your business. You want to make a good impression by taking care of your building’s exterior.

Having professional window cleaners safely wash your windows removing smears, dust and grime can have your windows and frames gleaming.

Clean windows make a lot of difference in the mood of your workplace. If your office space has dusty, dirty windows, it will affect the mood of your employees.

Dirty windows are an embarrassing eyesore. Create a positive company culture your employees can be proud of with professional window washing.

Do you get a crystal clear view out of your office windows?

Read more about the five benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning service for shining interior and exterior windows that make a good impression.

1. Cleaner and Safer

As you look out an office window that’s streaked with dirt and grime, you might be tempted to get out a ladder and bucket of soapy water to clean the windows yourself. Before you do that, think about how dangerous it is to stretch across a ladder and wash your windows. It’s just an accident waiting to happen.

Play it safe. Washing the windows in a small or medium-sized business is not a job you want to tackle. When you hire professional window washers, they come armed with all the right tools and safety equipment to do the job right.

They know how to work on staging and ladders using pulley systems when cleaning your windows. Plus, professional cleaning services like BearCom window cleaning in Utah insure their workers.

You can also rest easy knowing they use professional window washing solution to clean and protect the glass from getting cloudy. They know how to use these cleaning solutions safely.

2. Windows Last Longer

Cleaning your windows correctly prolongs their life. Harsh acid rain, debris, dirt and hard water can scratch and chip window glass. When this happens, you get a distorted view from your windows.

Professional window cleaners wash away corrosive materials from your window glass, frames and tracking. This helps reduce nicks, cracks, and scratches.

3. Adds Curb Appeal

Clean windows make your whole business look better. Whether you have visiting colleagues or clients, show off the attractive curb appeal of your business. Having your interior and exterior windows cleaned along with your sills, tracks and frames is simple maintenance that makes a world of difference in the look of your building.

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Dirty windows make your business look rundown. You want your employees, customers and colleagues to know you care about your brand and your workplace. Clean windows allow more light into the room, which elevates mood and makes your workspace more inviting.

Ensuring a well-maintained building adds to the feel and enjoyment of your business.

4. Increase Efficiency

Professional window washing adds up to increased window efficiency. When oxidation, dirt and hard water build-up on your glass and frames, they interfere with the amount of sun that can shine into the room. This means bigger heating bills in the winter.

Oxidation causes deterioration to your window frames and seals resulting in fogged windows, air leaks and condensation build-up. This not only wastes energy, but it also causes mold growth.

If you look at your window frames and sills, you might notice a collection of dead bugs and leaf debris that decreases a good seal when you close the windows. You can get rid of all these energy efficiency problems by contacting a professional window washing company.

5. Saves Time and Money

Washing your office windows yourself or assigning an employee to do it takes a lot of time and effort. If you ask your employees to wash the windows, it takes them away from their everyday projects. This means they’re not working on the tasks you need to be completed for a profitable business.

Hiring professional window cleaners saves you and your employees time to do the jobs that really matter for your company’s success. It also saves you money because you’re not paying employees to wash windows but to keep your company running as it should.

How to Choose Professional Window Cleaners

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a professional window washing company, how do you choose the right one for your business? Below, you’ll find a few tips on what to look for in a professional window cleaning service:

Read Reviews

When you’re looking for professional window cleaners, check the reviews on Google and Facebook. You can trust reviews from previous customers. They’re usually truthful and give you insights into the experience of the cleaners and the effectiveness of the job. Also, check the number of reviews received.

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Check Licenses

As with all businesses, professional window washing companies need to be licensed in the state of operation. Although it’s tempting to hire a window washer and pay under the table, you’re taking a chance on the quality of work. Also, most window washers who work under the table don’t have liability and business insurance that protects you.

Play it safe and hire a professional who’s licensed, insured and does high-quality work.

Consider Safety

When your researching companies, choose one that has a good reputation for safety. You can check reviews to make sure all the equipment used is up-to-date and in good condition.

Compare Cost and Guarantees

When you compare the cost of window washing, keep your budget in mind. You don’t want to choose a company that works cheap but does a terrible job. You also don’t want one that goes over your budget.

Once again, read the reviews and choose a company that fits your needs.

You also want to check any guarantees offered. Most professional window cleaners offer 100 percent guarantees.

But, also look for extra guarantees, such as coming back to clean your office windows if it rains within one month. These guarantees are handy and give you a positive customer experience.

What to Do Before the Window Cleaners Come

After you’ve scheduled your window cleaning, a few preparations can make the job go smoothly and efficiently.

If you have office window blinds, dust and wash them before the window cleaners arrive. Some window cleaning services will clean the blinds for you so make sure you ask ahead of time.

Also, move any fragile items you have near the windows. Even though the cleaners are professional, accidents can happen.

When you schedule your window cleaning appointment, ask if they remove and clean screens. You can also do this yourself before the cleaners arrive. But, the window cleaning service uses a professional window washing solution that most likely does a better job on screens.

After completing these preparation tasks, your windows will be ready for a thorough cleaning.

Trouble-Free Window Cleaning

Leaving your window cleaning to professional window cleaners gives your office sparkling clean windows without the hassle. Create a cheerful workplace for your employees and save energy with clean windows, frames, and sills.

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