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Best Golf Tech to Purchase in 2019 – Rangefinders, GPS & More

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Technology has crept in almost every sector. Whether it is sports or fitness or even education, you will find the latest gadgets and devices being used by almost every person on earth. It is true that technology has simplified the lives of millions across the planet. Take a golfer for example. There was a time when only the professional golfers used to get definite information pertaining to the distance of the next golf flag on a golf course. The other levels of golfers had to depend on their guesswork or on the distance posted on poles at various intervals. Today, you can use a rangefinder to find an accurate distance reading to the next flag. Some of the top end rangefinders also tell you information about the slopes along a golf course.  If you want to purchase these great gadgets, check out http://www.golf-industry.com/.

Golf Gadgets to Buy

The rangefinder, discussed above, is just one of the examples of various high-tech gadgets and devices used by modern-day golfers. Some of the others have been discussed below for your knowledge.

Precision Pro Golf NX7:

When you wish to lay your hands on the best quality golf rangefinder in the market, you need to buy the Precision Pro Golf NX7 rangefinder. This laser rangefinder will tell you the exact distance to the next flag. Along with the accurate distance reading, this product will also suggest the best golf club you need to make a great shot. The accuracy level of this device is 1/10th of a yard. All you need to do is lock onto a target on a golf course and simply push the button located on top of the unit. It will immediately tell you the yardage. It uses the Target Acquisition Technology in order to avoid any unwanted objects while giving an accurate reading. This device can easily pick targets located even 400 yards away.

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Tile Mate the Bag Finder:

While playing golf there may be situations wherein you tend to forget the exact location where you had placed your golf bag. Apart from the bag, the golf clubs are pretty costly and losing the entire lot can often be major loss for golfers. There is nothing for you to panic about in such cases. You may use Tile Mate, which is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you to locate your golf bag very easily. This device is also helpful in finding your keys for you. Tile Mate comes with GPS tracking and Bluetooth that work together in finding your stuffs for you. Just put the device in your golf bag. If your belongings are within a medium to short distance away from you, you will hear a ringing sound that will help you find the bag. Even if your bag is far from you, Tile Mate can easily help you locate the bag.

Garmin Approach S60:

If you want to buy the best golf watch at the stores, then the Garmin Approach S60 should be a good choice. It can easily help you access more than 40000 golf courses. The watch can easily sync itself with your smartphone for any information on each of the golf courses. Although the display is just 1.2 inches, it is easily legible even under the sun. The information provided is also short and precise without any useless information that can waste your time. Apart from giving you information about golf courses, the Garmin Approach S60 also helps you receive messages, take calls, and also check your emails. Once you have successfully synced the watch with your forthcoming golf course, it will automatically give you a bagful of information along with the yardage to the back, front, and center of the course. You will also find quick access to various types of hazards on the course. The built-in GPS also helps the watch double up as a rangefinder to give you precise distance reading to the next hole.

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Game Golf Live Tracking System:

This is a real-time shot tracking device that can easily be attached to the end of your golf club in order to help you improve your game with time. Simply clip the red attachment to your belt and then put a sensor tag on each of your golf clubs. These tags are a featherweight. These tags will provide instant performance data that will tell you where and how far each of your shots goes after being played. The integrated software will tell you what went right and also tell you the different areas of your game that need improvement.

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