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How to Hack an iPhone Without JailBreaking it?

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Apple devices are famous for being impermeable to spy apps because you have to jailbreak these devices to install these apps. Jailbreaking can’t be a secure option because altering your operating system could expose your iPhone to external threats. Fortunately, Cocospy is here for your assistance.


Cocospy is one of the best spying apps to install on your iPhone without jailbreaking it. With its No-Jailbreak spy features, millions of users are using this app to monitor the activities of their children and employees. Cocospy has established itself as an industry leader in this field; therefore, the top sites like Forbes, Digital Trends, TechRadar and CNET has acknowledged its features. While using Cocospy to remote hacking iPhone, you can collect the following information:

  • Calls
  • Text messages
  • GPS location
  • Emails
  • Browser history
  • Diagnostic information
  • Social media (Twitter and Facebook, etc.)
  • Installed apps

Best iOS Monitoring Solution without Jailbreak

The cocospy is one of the best spying apps for iPhone. With its use, you can know everything about your employees and kids. Cocospy allows you to track call logs, Apps Chats, and SMS. To spy programs of an iPhone, there is no need to download an additional app. This app is compatible with iOS 7 and other latest operating systems.


Monitor iPhones of Your Kids and Guard Them

Cocospy is equipped with advanced monitoring and tracking features. Parents can track iPhone location, messages, call logs, and browser history of their children. With this spy app, you can smoothly monitor the activities of your child in stealth mode. Cocospy allows you to see images that are received or downloaded on a target iPhone.

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Cyber predators, cyberbullying, phishing, posting private information, malware download and scams are the biggest threats for kids. By monitoring the online activities of your child, you might understand and protect your child in a better way.


Protects and Monitor Your Business

Non-jailbreak spy options of Cocospy enables you to access SMS, LINE, WhatsApp, notes, contacts and calendar activities of your employees. With its cool features, you can secretly install this app to the iPhones of your employees.

Organizations may need to monitor their employees for different reasons, such as evaluate and track performance. It is good to avoid legal liability and protect your business secrets. By using this spy app, you can monitor the illegal activities of your employees. Some employees can share the secrets of your business with your competitors. After installing this app, you can save your business from black sheep.

Advanced Parental Control Features

A parental control panel of Cocospy allows you to find the current location of your children. You can control texts and block inappropriate texting. By keeping an eye on call logs, you can view contact information, call logs, duration and time of calls. With geofence alert, you will always be notified when your children visit a restricted area.

Moreover, it is essential to protect your children from inappropriate content, such as porn movies. After installing cocospy app in their iPhone, you can filter browsers and websites for children. This method is easy to block pornography.

Block Unappropriated Apps

While using the iPhone, your children are free to download different apps. Keep it in mind that not all applications are suitable for children. Some apps can distract the lives of your children. Cocospy helps you to block inappropriate apps, such as social media and games.

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Check the browsing history of your child to find out the interests of your children. It allows you to block inappropriate websites. Fortunately, Cocospy parental monitoring feature runs clandestinely in the background. Users can’t detect that an app is monitoring their online activities.

Start Monitoring in Three Simple Steps

  • You can easily get a free online Cocospy account. Sign up free online with an email and password.
  • Download it in a targeted iPhone without jailbreak. You will need iCloud information of a target iPhone.
  • Once you are done with iCloud verification, parental monitoring starts immediately. Sign in to your account to monitor the activities of your employees or children from any browser.

In the current ear, you can’t ignore the online activities of your children. Anyone can influence them with attractive messages and lucrative offers. It is your responsibility to keep them safe, and Cocospy can be the right way to do this.

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