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Best Gaming Laptops under $800

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Laptops are everywhere these days. The modern form of computer has given us the freedom to take them everywhere anytime. You are not required three people to carry your today’s computer; a kid would carry it using a pinky finger. There are great benefits of having a laptop, gaming is no exception.

Our today’s laptops can be used for more than one purpose. We can carry them to our offices to perform different day-to-day tasks; we can watch our favorite movies, listen to our favorite songs and above all play the latest AAA series games.

You are not required to purchase and inject extra components to run the latest released games. All needed components come built-in and you just need to run any game and get that to the next level.

Still, there is a difference between a laptop uses for day to day task and a laptop to play AAA latest title games.

The laptop which can run AAA games can be used to other tasks quite efficiently; you cannot claim the same from the other way round.

So, having good hardware components oriented laptop is considered a gaming laptop.

In a gaming laptop, the visual department took care by the dedicated graphics card aka GPU. The other features such as screen size, RAM, and hard disk storage should come in abundance, in addition to the latest generation processor.

It is really very hard these days to pick a laptop apart from a gaming laptop. Nowadays, there are dozens of leading brands which are competing shoulder to shoulder. These brands always come up with an iteration of their laptops. At one price, you can see five to six machines of every brand, and all laptop at one price seems equal in configuration.

So, the only thing that can make a real difference is the reviews and personal usage. If you are stepping out very first time to purchase a gaming machine, you might not be able to see the difference. Here we are providing you with some best cheap gaming machines what you purchase. These machines are enlisted after great research; we spend dozens of hours deciding these three machines. The team members which were assigned to the task took this very seriously, and read reviews of about more than 100 laptops.

Let’s have a detailed review and see what these machines have to offer in the budget range.

HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion

HP Series has always been a favorite choice for budget gaming machine seeker. This laptop has also been one of the top-selling gadgets on Amazon, the world’s top shopping portal. Every aspect of this laptop has been crafted and designed having gaming and other days to day task. This machine hits the nail right on the head when it comes to playing the game in a reasonable budget.

HP brand itself has been a powerhouse. You have seen this brand wreaking havoc in the world of computers.

HP Pavilion comes with Intel HD graphics 620, which supports even AA titles games in low to mid-range settings. You can play a wonderful set of games and can carry out other important tasks without any rendering graphics errors or freezing.

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The prominent feature of this machine is its TN touch-sensitive display, Core i3 7100U processor and 1TB internal storage. The RAM size is 8GB and this has the capability to handle multi-tasking at great ease. The internal storage mentioned is enough to store a hell of the games and other important data without spacing issue.

Apart from playing the latest titles games, the other tasks what this machine can carry out are browsing, watching movies at 1080P, and running powerful applications such as AutoCAD, photo shops and MS Excel. The machine is a perfect adopt for gamers and office goers alike. I am not saying you can have the latest AAA series with high settings; still, this machine has the potential to play even the latest games with moderate settings.

The price, on the other hand, is one of the biggest factors. Undoubtedly, this is a moderate price with premium specification

This is made of very high-quality plastic and able to handle multiple programs with great ease. A great machine to carry around, the ergonomics render it comfortable carrying. This even offers you ten points touch sensitive which is a great feature for an inexpensive gaming machine and we always rank this machine high.


  • Touch screen display
  • High-class plastic body
  • Excellent in sounds and display
  • Mind-blowing keyboard


  • Short battery life
  • Poor touch pad and sensitivity

Acer Nitro 5:

Acer Nitro 5

A true budget gaming laptop does not come under a grand. I always keep closes eyes to the latest contenders hit the market, the new brands in the sake of competition sometimes brings splendid configuration housed machines. Acer Nitro 5 is plain English a marketing tactic by the brand, to get a natural read, otherwise, the price compared to the configuration is as low as 100$.

This machine has the capability to grind the latest AAA gaming titles with great ease.

For pc gamers looking to save money and want to get a go to the machine, this machine is a bit above the gaming read floor.

The laptop fitting is good; the chassis is all black, the red accent on the hinge, touchpad, and keyboard. The body is entirely made up of high-quality plastic which was expected at the range. Overall color and the fitting is great, the look is sharp and shiny.

Nitro 5 gives a fantastic job in display and colors. It comes with a 15.6 inch LCD screen with IPS display and bear HD (1,920-by-1,080-pixel). You might see many critics complaining about the resolutions, displays, the only complaint I have is the affordable price. The resolution if the right pick of the components, the picture displays all colors and screen has wide viewing angles.

This machine is a price-conscious build with i5, instead of i7, but the machine performed very well in all tests of performance and benchmarks.

This is the eighth-gen “Coffee Lake” Core i5-8300H processor which raises the baseline across the board. The GPU side of the machine will never let you down, this is equipped with a GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card with 4GB dedicated GDDR5 VRAM. The combination of the 4GB dedicated graphics card, 8GB DD4 RAM and 1TB 7200rpm SATA hard drive is delivering above the marks performance.

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Guru Verdict listed Acer Nitro 5 on top position in their review and says it is a true affordable gaming laptop, which marks all accounts. The multi-tasking is impressive; you can have this for day-to-day tasks. We tested the battery performance, and see this runs at least 8-10 hours on constant browsing, video watching and doing other office works. So, while extensive gaming hours, you can rely on it and the battery juice will never drain so fast.


  • Impressive display
  • Strong battery performance


  • Poor touchpad and its sensitivity

Dell Inspiron 7567

Dell Inspiron 7567

When it comes to playing video games, no one can beat Dell computers. This brand has always come up with something unique, out of the box. Dell Inspiron 7567 is a good addition to the Inspiron series and offers splendid quality. Though to get a premium gaming laptop you will have to spend above a grand, still, we can get machines like this in budget gaming price range. The big prominent feature of this laptop is its NVidia GeForce GTX 1050TI graphics. This is the latest addition to the Graphics card and it provides a solution to the latest AA titles video games. This graphics card takes its place between the high range of NVidia 10 series and mid-range of 900 series.

Dell Inspiron 7567 manages it a subtle look. You will have to give the entire credit to the designer which maintained its catchy look and gave the single toned matt finish outside.

You see the single color coating without any glitzy elements to give it a shiny or flashy look. On the lid, you see a rubber-like finish, which renders ergonomics and offers healthy grips without slipping. This laptop weights 2.62 KG which is a low weight to carry around all day long.

Dell has given this machine a budget gaming touch, and to add its marks they have equipped this with dual fan cooling system. Dell claims its cooling system a revolutionary and you cannot have this at any other machine of the range.

Another important variant Dell added to this title, the single hinge that connects the body to the screen at the center, which is revolutionary and simple. The full-length keyboard shares the same color with red color at the deck.

The Dell Inspiron 7567 features NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card which is a good addition to the range and gives superb visuals on the go.

Besides the graphics card, the Inspiron comes with the top of the Intel Core i7-7700 processor and 8GB RAM. You get 1TB hard drive, to store AAA titles games without any storage issue. If you want to give a boost to the speed you can add 256 extra SSD hard drive and 16GB RAM.


  • The latest generation process
  • 4GB dedicated graphics card brings out superb visuals
  • Multi-tasking over the roof


  • Battery performance is average
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