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Debunking the Myths Associated With Online Casino Games (3 Biggest Myths)

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Casino games are not a new thing and these types of games have been around for decades. Since their inception, there have been millions of games developed for the casino industry.

Lately, there has been a rapid increase in the number of casino games being released into the market, and this could be attributed to the growth of technology and the internet as a whole.

Online casinos continue to dominate the gambling industry and although there is a divided notion on these types of games, they have become popular for their fun plus the opportunity to make an extra income.

There are several misconceptions that society has attached to online casino games. These misconceptions scare away many potential gamers from even attempting to play online games.

The three biggest misconceptions of all time are:

  1. Online casino games are the most addictive thing on planet earth! When you engage in them, you will end up losing a fortune and going bankrupt, with a high possibility of sinking into debt.
  2. Online casinos are scams and they rig the results making it impossible to make any winnings
  3. Online gambling makes you anti-social and you live an isolated life.  

The above misconceptions remain just that. There is a countless number of gamblers who engage in I-gaming and they are a success story to share.

Additionally, there are many legitimate and trusted online casinos that offer genuine services. As such, you do not have to worry about losing all your life savings through some online scams. Find a good online casino and enjoy the opportunities that they offer. 

Myth Number 1 

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Online Casino Games Are Addictive

Many people who have never played online casino games immediately associate them with extreme addiction. 

Most everyone who has never played online casino games immediately associates them with an extreme level of addictiveness. 

Although there is some truth in it, online gaming comes with a responsibility like any other thing. 

There are isolated cases of people going bankrupt because of engaging in online casino games. Actually, research that was done by a number of reputable establishments indicates that only about 2% of online gamers end up in addiction. The majority of gamers see them as a form of hobby or a sort of recreational activity.

As more and more games hit the market, a lot of new gamers are made. Most of them play these games for pure fun and not necessarily for cash.

If you are a gamer, I’m sure it’s rare to hear a fellow gamer selling something so as to place a wager. Even if such types of gamblers are there, they are a rare personality that exists in every sector.

Myth Number 2

All Online Casino Games Are Rigged

We are not saying that you will not encounter one or two rotten eggs! However, dealing with a reputable online casino will ensure that your gaming experience is smooth. 

You will hear people claiming that online slots are programmed and you can never win or score with them, others will claim that Blackjack games are a fraud that can never allow any player to walk away with winnings. 

I once overheard a discussion about dice where a guy claimed that the dice cannot show what you want.  All these misconceptions are not true. 

The truth is, online casino games are some of the safety online undertakings since they are fully licensed and regulated by a number of independent organisations.

Most of the people who operate these casinos would not want to interfere with these regulations because it would mean closing shop.

Myth Number 3

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Online Casino Games Are Isolating

If you are scared of trying out a slot for fear of becoming anti-social, it’s time to stop.

There is a misconception that online casino games take all your time and you end up becoming cut off from the world. Well, I’m here to tell you that with online casino games, there are a number of ways you can socialise including live gaming and live chat.

You can join other players online to discuss a game or to share your gaming experience. 


If the above misconceptions about online casinos have barred you from engaging in this fun and exciting sector, then you need to overcome this fear.

Online casino games are all about luck as well as skills. If you remain focused, this is an industry that can be very fulfilling.

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