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Significant Improvement of Workflow by Signing PDFs with SignNow

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Signing different documents is an essential part of business processes. It can be a single agreement, a contract between several parties, and so on. Meeting in-person to have a document signed takes time, especially if several signatures are required. There is a much better way to have this work done — signing PDF documents right on your device and sending them wherever you need. We will have a look at SignNow, a service that allows signing PDF documents from any place, at any time, and even more. Let us find out how it works and whether it is really good to use it.

About SignNow

SignNow allows signing different documents, including PDFs, as well as inviting other parties to sign them on any desktop or mobile device (Android or iOS). Moreover, it is also possible to create and edit documents, negotiate contracts, and accept payments. You can be sure that all the fields will be filled in since you can add and customize them, and the document will not be sent out until everything is done correctly. This service will save you 38 hours and $836 per employee per year. All the signatures added in SignNow are legally binding. It is absolutely secure to use this service that utilizes multiple-tier protection for all documents.

How It Works

There are lots of helpful features that can be used. Just to give you a clear idea of how everything works, we will provide you with an explanation of how to use the main ones.

How to Sign Documents with SignNow

It is extremely easy to sign documents with SignNow. Just do the following:

  1. Open the template and choose the Signature Field located in the left column;


  1. Select how you wish to sign the document. There are three options available for you, including drawing, typing, or uploading an image of your signature;

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  1. Create a text field to add your full name. Just drag the text field to any place in the document;

  2. If the text owner has added other fields, you will have to fill all of them in with the required information;

  3. Have you completed everything? Then just click the Done button!


Now, you can send the document, invite another party to sign it, and do other actions:


Preparation of a Document for Signing with SignNow

A document can be prepared to be signed by someone else or several people quickly.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Open a document;

  2. Add fillable fields, such as email address, name, phone number, and others;


  1. Using the right panel, you can customize the fields;


  1. All the fields added by the user are required to be filled in by default. However, you can change this setting if you wish;

  1. Use the Data/Time field to set today’s date and time in a single click or choose another date and time from the calendar;

  1. Set the Signature field at the right place in the document;

  1. Add Initials fields to make it possible to sign certain parts or pages of the document;


  1. Once all the fields have been added, just click “Done”;

  2. Now, you can invite parties to sign the document, which can be done by clicking the Invite to Sign button located next to the document;

  1. Enter your email address in the Signer 1 field;


  1. Use Advanced Options if needed;


  1. After choosing all the necessary options, you can send an invitation;

  1.  Receive an invitation to your email and sign the document!


Now, let’s figure out what you can do by using the features offered by SignNow:

  • Requesting to add attachments to documents;

  • Following the status of your document (signed, declined, etc.);

  • Sending documents for signing;

  • Allowing a recipient to forward the document to other parties for signing;

  • Setting specific signing orders for templates;

  • Sending and re-sending invitations to sign a document to one or several persons at once;

  • Customizing your invitations;

  • Getting a link to the document requiring signing;

  • Requesting payments by adding a payment section to the document;

  • Requiring to draw a signature instead of typing it;

  • Letting your recipients decide where to add their signature or additional info through freeform invites;

  • Adding a carbon copy, allowing someone else to be notified about the completion of the document;

  • Setting expiration date for the document;

  • Sending reminders to sign the document automatically.

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Who Should Use SignNow?

The service is helpful for a large range of industries, including the following spheres: 

  • Healthcare;

  • Sales;

  • Real Estate;

  • Legal;

  • Insurance;

  • Construction;

  • Education and many more.

Easy Integration

While you can use the online platform without problems, the tool can be easily integrated into different business applications. Among them are the following:

  • Salesforce;

  • NetSuite;

  • GSuite;

  • Oracle;

  • Office 365,

  • Google Drive and lots of others.

Bottom Line

SingNow is an absolutely amazing service that will save you time, money, and effort. Although there is a full set of features, learning how to use them is not difficult at all. It is easy to add fields, customize a document, invite recipients, and, generally, keep the entire signing process under control.

If you sign documents regularly, you really need it! There is a trial version that is more than enough to evaluate this service and all its advantages. We hope that this article has provided you with helpful info on how you can quickly sign PDF documents, but if you need more in-depth explanations, just open a demo account on the website of a service provider and go through comprehensive starter tutorials.

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