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Should You Choose Jarrah Furniture for Your Home?

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Should You Choose Jarrah Furniture for Your Home?

Jarrah is a hardwood unique to Australia, and it’s well regarded because of its strength, versatility, and durability. Jarrah furniture has become popular in recent years, but historically Jarrah has been used for construction and structural projects. This is unfortunate because Jarrah is actually very attractive and it has a variety of colours ranging from blonde to deep red. Let’s take a closer look at Jarrah and show why we think it’s a great choice for your home furniture.

Where are Jarrah Trees Grown?

Jarrah trees are found in the South West corner of Western Australia from Albany up to Perth. These trees grow slowly; they have root systems that can extend down into the earth over tremendous distances in their search for water and vital nutrients. The Jarrah tree has a long straight trunk, it can reach 40 metres in height, and a fully grown tree has a diameter of 2 metres. These properties make the tree idea for the creation of long and strong planks that can be worked for a wide variety of useful applications, including furniture.

Choosing Jarrah Furniture

The Jarrah tree has a beautiful large grain with colours that accurately reflect the Western Australian landscape where it’s grown. The heartwood colours can vary from a deep brown to a rich red, and the sapwood colours range for a paler yellow through to a vivid orange. The timber texture is even and moderately coarse with a prominent interwoven wavy grain that can provide some compelling fiddle back details. These properties paired with the long straight plants, ready availability, and ease of growing make the Jarrah tree ideal for making wonderful furniture.

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A Natural Construction Material

Many people purchase low quality “timber” furniture that still seems to command a higher price, and these pieces often fall apart after a couple of years. When you choose a different path for your furniture, you quickly notice that the extra price that you will pay is well worth the money. When you choose Jarrah tables, you get a hardwood surface with an interesting grain that you can stain and finish to suit your own needs. But, it goes further than skin deep and using a real natural construction material has benefits that you may not know.

The Natural Properties of Jarrah

Because Jarrah is a naturally sourced material, it has a high resistance to pests, such as termites and marine borers. Jarrah is also weather resistant, and it was often used to build railway sleepers, telegraph poles, and wharves in the past. This makes it an ideal choice for any outdoor furniture or decking that you need. Jarrah also has a naturally high tolerance to fire due to its extremely dense structure. Historically this has made Jarrah a popular choice for house framing, joinery projects, floorboards, and fencing. The aesthetic qualities of Jarrah make it a great timber for furniture, joinery, turning, and parquet surfaces.

If you’re interested in a Jarrah dining table for your home, contact Jarrimber today.


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