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Street Furniture Manufacturers Buying Guide

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So you established your place of business, and you have all of the interior decorating done, the landscaping outside, and all of your trees and shrubbery. But what’s missing? Well in most cases, it’s the outdoor furniture. That being said, you want your furniture and designs outside to compliment your landscape, as well as be durable and able to withstand the various elements, right? In this buying guide, we’ll give you some advice on things to look for when it comes to buying street furniture from manufacturers and custom designers.

Material Matters

You’re not making a loveseat and sofa for people to sit in when you’re making outside furniture, so it’s extremely important that not only can it withstand elements, but it can also withstand the test of time. Because of this, material matters a lot when it comes to what products to choose. From weather resistant fabrics, to metals like aluminum that won’t rust or fade in the sun, certain woods (treated frequently to be weatherproof of course), all matter when it comes to your designated furniture. Choose the right type of material to blend with your landscaping well, but still be able to stand out a little bit. For example, using mahogany and teak are two of the most popular hardwoods for furniture that compliments greenery and earth-tones.

Design Ideas

One thing you want to consider is what type of structural design that you have. If you have a building that has a more liberal and modern feel, you want to have furniture that matches it. This is when materials like aluminum and other metals can really benefit your building. Even custom die-cast planters that are made of aluminum can build some flare with a large building that is dark and full of windows. If it’s shiny, keep it that way, right?

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Otherwise, as mentioned above, if your building is made of mostly earthen brick, then you’ll want to have products installed and put into place that are usually a similar color, or made with an earthy tone. This brings out your building but also makes your décor stand out. Even something as simple as your bike racks can be made to stand out. If you have an older-fashioned design, you don’t want futuristic landscaping around you – you’ll want to keep it looking earthy and historic, right?

Consider What You’re Needing it For

This is a true example as many things are there to consider. Are you wanting outdoor dining benches so you can have numerous employees or students be able to sit at them? Why go with the most basic when you can go with something that is eye-catching at the same time for a good price.

Be sure to Check Reviews

When it comes to checking for reviews, even if you have a company that has excellent reviews, go ahead and dig a little deeper to see the product reviews for the types of products that the design company can install. This can ensure that you get quality material, no matter what type of budget you have. Not only that, but most great design companies offer multiple brands of varying styles of products. Because of this, those companies, and yours thrive by getting the best quality material so your designs can really last a lifetime and still look amazing.

Cover it Up

Even though you have furniture that may stand the test of time and the various elements, all the way from the sun to rain or snow, it’s important that at times you have furniture covers in order to protect them. This will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you have fabrics that you want to protect during down-times. Often, these are used when businesses are closed, or for various off-seasons when people won’t be outside as often.

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What about Bike Racks, Gazebos, and Shelters?

Believe it or not, all of these are considered types of outdoor furniture. When it comes to buying these items, you want to make sure you’re not spending too much on something that won’t be used very often. If you normally don’t have people who bring bicycles to your business or facility, then even purchasing a small bike rack can definitely make things a little more interesting and appear more accessible so just in case, you have what you need.


It’s extremely important to realize that what you spend your company money on is not an unnecessary item. Some businesses have actually failed, or end up having to remodel because they don’t buy the furniture they need, or they’re spending more on things that don’t get used very often. Choosing the right furniture is something that you’ll want a company like Langley Design Street Furniture to help with because they have the expertise to give you a mapped out landscaping option that suits your place of business.

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