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What Jobs Are In Demand In Canada

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What jobs are in demand in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular states in the world and holds a flourishing economy and growth. What jobs are in demand in Canada we need to know before traveling in Canada? Therefore The type of maintenance of Canadian citizens is very well known, as is the reception of qualified foreign workers. Have you decided to go to live and work overseas? Indeed this is the country for you.

In this guide on how to work in Canada and what jobs are in demand in Canada, I will explain to you what are the pros and cons of living in this country. What are the main languages ​​are spoken, the permits you need to work. The documents you need to have, which are the most requested professions, and, finally, on which websites to find employment? We will try to cover all about it. So, without any further discussion here, let’s get started.

Getting know what jobs are in demand in Canada

A person wishing to work temporarily or volunteer in Canada must obtain a temporary work permit from an overseas immigration office. It will also be necessary to demonstrate that you meet the requirements required in the job offer. 



It pays to live:

Therefore To understand if you are better off moving and living in Canada, you first need to know the pros and cons. Then, you have to know what you want, what your desires and aspirations are.


  1. Canada is one of the most liveable countries on the planet ( Economist data );
  2. The government is very safe. The federal police are present and well prepared. The crime rate is meager;
  3. Canada scrupulously evaluates the immigrant, does not allow entry to unreliable people. The entry procedure is not bureaucratically tricky, but they are very selective: they prefer local labor and accept foreigners only where there is a shortage of staff;
  4. Cities are green. From small towns to Toronto and Vancouver, there is a lot of attention to greenery and the environment;
  5. The benefits of workers are fully understood, and the principle of meritocracy applies;
  6. The cost of living is proportional to how much you earn. Therefore  Salaries are adequate, and taxation is not high (15 to 34% for companies and 15 to 29% for individuals);


  1. Winter starts in October and ends in April. There are only two summer months; it is difficult to find beaches and umbrellas;
  2. To find a job, you need to know English, but French is also becoming very popular;
  3. The job market is very flexible, like the American one. It means they can fire you quickly. Therefore On the other hand, finding work is not difficult, indeed, especially if you are a specialized professional;
  4. Universities cost a lot (about 5,000 euros a year);
  5. The health system is perfect, but you should also take out private insurance covering expenses not foreseen by the national service (dentist, etc.). Around 70% of Canadians have private insurance.

What languages ​​are spoken

In Canada, the standard styles ​​are English and French. English is spoken everywhere, while French is prevalent mainly in the Québec area and northern Ontario. Both languages ​​are taught at school.

Therefore if you are planning to move to Canada, you can settle in perfectly with English, but it would be good to learn French too, as it is in great demand, even for work.

Therefore Moving to Canada without speaking the language is a definite disadvantage unless you go to work in Italian companies or restaurants that only require our language (especially in the Little Italy area of ​​Toronto, where a large community of Italians lives). 


If you are a USA citizen, you don’t need a tourist visa to go to Canada. You just need:

  • The passport;
  • The eTA or the Electronic Travel Authorization

How to find work in Canada

The high aging rate of the population and the low birth rate have the effect of attracting workers from abroad. Canada has always been on the lookout for skilled migrants who want to move to Canada. To work in Canada, there are several sites to look for work also from Italy. Dedicating yourself to looking for a job even before you leave is always a good thing. How to look for work? Below you can search for work among the best vacancies in Canada for Italians that we have selected.

Visa for Canada and What jobs are in demand in Canada

To emigrate to Canada, you need a work visa. There are different types of tickets to work in Canada and two ways to get it;

  • have a contract or promise of work from a Canadian company (sponsor)
  • they are trained in a particular sector of work that is lacking and in demand in Canada

An ample opportunity comes from the fact that a work visa is not required for some professions. To find out what these professions are, you can consult the list of permit-free domains on the Canadian Government website. If your job does not fall within the visa-free disciplines, you will have to apply for a Canadian Embassy work permit.

Why moving and working in Canada is worthwhile.

Therefore Is it worth going to work in Canada? The answer is yes. The economy is the 14th largest globally, making it one of the wealthiest nations with a consistently high standard of living. Therefore The unemployment rates are meager compared to other countries, and it is easy to find work, especially for young people, but do not worry: you can work in Canada even after 35 years. Therefore The job opportunities, as we will see, are truly numerous.


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