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5 Items That Are Totally Safe to Wear on Casual Friday

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5 Items That Are Totally Safe to Wear on Casual Friday

Fridays tend to be the best day of the week for many reasons. Aside from the obvious reason of the weekend being right around the corner, Fridays are also great because you get a chance to ditch the professional attire.

Casual Friday is the perfect transition from the workweek to the weekend, but sometimes it can be hard to navigate what’s appropriate to wear.

Luckily we are here to help by telling you about 5 items that are totally safe to wear on casual Friday!

Flats or Loafers

One of the biggest mistakes made on casual Friday is showing up in a pair of flip flops or open sandals. Unless specified otherwise by your company, it’s best to stick to closed-toe shoes.

On casual Friday’s you can put away the pumps and dress shoes and instead opt for a classic pair of flats or loafers.


Denim can be a tricky option when coming in on a Friday. If your office is formal during the workweek, then you may wish to avoid denim altogether.

But if your office tends to be more business casual, then denim can be appropriate. You’ll want to avoid ripped jeans and consider opting for a darker wash to keep a level of professionalism.

Classic Blazer

If you decide to go with jeans or another casual skirt or pants, throwing on a nice tailored blazer can turn any outfit into a professional ensemble.

You can throw this on over long sleeve custom t-shirts, comfy dresses, or casual blouses and still look business-ready. A classic blazer can be the perfect staple piece to bridge the gap between casual and business attire.

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Fitted Shirts or Button-Ups

You can’t go wrong with a nice tailored blouse or button up.

This paired with some dark wash jeans can be the perfect casual Friday outfit that is both appropriate and comfortable. The button-up will help you looked polished while also maintaining a more laid back look.

Colorful Pant

If your office maintains a no jeans policy even on casual Fridays, consider choosing a color statement pant.

This can help you break away from the formal wear, add a little personal flair, and still maintain a professional air about you. A nice pair of colorful pants paired with a blouse and flats is casual without being overdone.

Enjoy Casual Friday

Casual Friday is supposed to be the perfect break from the typical formal attire you wear on Monday through Thursday. The key to rocking this vibe at work is to not overdo it.

You don’t want to roll out of bed throw on some leggings and a t-shirt and go into work. Keep these clothing items in mind next time Friday rolls around and you’ll be sure to pick out the perfect look.

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