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How to Make Your Property Insurance Provider Pay Out a Claim

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How to Make Your Property Insurance Provider Pay Out a Claim

Have you made an insurance claim for damage to your property?

If so, you aren’t alone! An average of one out of every 20 insured homes makes an insurance claim each year. The sheer number of claims made for property damage means that not every one of them is paid out.

How can you ensure you are not an insured that has your claim denied by your insurance company?

Read on to learn how to make your property insurance provider pay out your claim!

Report Your Claim Fast

It’s crucial that you report your claim to your insurance company soon after you learn about it.

In fact, many insurance policies have a narrow timeframe within which you must report your claim or it will automatically be denied coverage on your loss.

When you report the claim, you should provide detailed information about when it was first discovered and provide any information that your insurance company requests.

When your claim is first received by an insurance company, it will be forwarded on to its claims processing department. From there, it will be assigned to a claims adjuster who is tasked with gathering information and investigating the claim.

If you wait to report your claim, it isn’t a good look for you and can prevent you from receiving the highest payout on your claim.

Stay in Communication

Reporting your insurance claim is only the beginning of the process for you and your insurance company.

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Once an insurance adjuster is assigned your claim, he or she will reach out to you to ask questions about the incident. Oftentimes, they will arrange to set up a visit to your property to look at the damage in person.

If you do not stay in communication with your insurance company, it sends a message to them that you aren’t taking your claim seriously.

But by staying in constant communication, you will expedite the process and increase the chance that you are paid out faster.

Hire an Attorney

Sometimes reporting your claim and staying in touch with your insurance company is not enough to get them to pay out on to cover the cost of your damage.

Hiring an attorney that specializes in insurance claims shows an insurance company that you are serious about your loss.

The best attorneys will have experience writing demand letters to insurance companies. These letters present the facts of your situation in the light most favorable to your position.

These attorneys will also be ready to file a lawsuit against your insurance company to help you increase the likelihood that your insurance provider will pay out on your claim.

Wrapping Up: Make Your Insurance Provider Pay Out

Property insurance is a smart idea for any home or business owner.

That’s because insurance helps protect you from having to pay out of pocket for unexpected damage that occurs to your property.

But sometimes, having an insurance policy doesn’t completely protect you from your provider. They may still refuse to pay your claim even if you have a reasonable basis for it.


Show your insurance provider you are serious about your claim. Report it fast, communicate with the adjuster, and hire an attorney to represent you!

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