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10 Ways Your Old Mattress is Seriously Effecting Your Health

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10 Ways Your Old Mattress is Seriously Effecting Your Health

Has your current mattress been sagging in the middle or looking a bit worn down lately? When’s the last time you replaced your old mattress? When not thinking about it, years can fly by and before you know it, you’ve had the same mattress for 10 plus years.

As much as we’d like our mattresses to be a one-time investment, this just isn’t the case. When purchasing a mattress, we need to take note of the date to ensure we know when it’s time to replace it. Failure to replace your old mattress when it’s time could result in some serious effects on your health.

Stop letting your mattress cause you troubles. Here’s how to tell if it’s time to replace your old mattress.

1. It’s Causing Allergies

An older mattress is prone to dust mites. Even in the cleanest of homes, a mattress will accumulate dust mites over time. Dust mites not only cause you respiratory problems, but they can cause skin problems as well.

When dust mites enter your airways, you’re more prone to sore throats, snoring, and trouble breathing. To prevent dust mites from causing damage to your health, be sure to switch your mattress out every 6-8 years.

2. It’s Causing You to Lose Sleep

If your mattress is getting on the older side, then there’s a good chance that it’s not as comfortable as it once was. Older mattresses tend to dip down in the middle or become uneven in other ways. The springs might also begin to pierce their way through the top or you could be left with a hard surface rather than a soft and comfortable one.

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When this happens, you won’t get as much sleep as you once did. Even if you’re still getting in bed and waking up at the same time, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting a peaceful night of sleep. If you notice you’re tossing and turning at night or feeling like you’re not refreshed in the morning, then it’s time to replace your mattress.

3. It’s Causing You Stress

When you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re putting your body under more stress. A study proved that people who slept on old mattresses and received less sleep were more stressed out than when they were given the opportunity to sleep on new mattresses.

Although the mattress itself might not cause you stress when looking at it or lying on it, your lack of sleep or back pain is cause for added stress. And unfortunately, both of these problems stem from use of an older mattress.

4. It’s Causing Back Pains

Do you find yourself waking up in the mornings with back, shoulder, or neck pain? An old mattress promotes back pain and irritability. Another study conducted showed that people who switched their mattresses out every 5 years had a decrease in back pains after making the replacement.

The study also showed that there are some mattresses that provide more back-pain relief than others. Medium-firm is one of the best mattress options that you can choose from. You should also take your time researching the best mattress options.

Browse through this website for some of the best memory foam mattresses. You should also begin to sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs to ease back pains.

5. It’s Weakening Your Immune System

A good night’s sleep is essential for keeping your body healthy. Lack of sleep can cause several health problems. One of these problems is a weakened immune system.

Because your body isn’t getting proper rest, your immune system doesn’t work as well as it should. This leads to more colds and illnesses. Have you noticed that you’ve been getting sick more often than usual?

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Consider getting a new mattress and boost your immune system.

6. It’s Causing You Heart Problems

You might not realize it because this health problem is more long-term, but not getting enough sleep at night is causing strain on your heart. A study was done that showed those who don’t get enough sleep are more prone to heart problems.

These people are 48 percent more at risk for developing heart problems than those who receive the right amount of good sleep each night. Although it might not be something that affects you now, it could in the future so it’s best to start getting your sleep now.

7. It’s Causing You Memory Loss

Deep sleep, or REM, is a time when memories are formed. If your body’s not able to rest into a deep sleep, then you risk suffering from memory impairment. Without entering deep sleep, your brain is unable to form these memories right away, which then causes the impairment.

An old mattress that’s uncomfortable to sleep on will keep your body from entering this deep sleep. Don’t let your old mattress cause you memory loss. Instead, replace it with a new one and start forming those much-needed memories.

Is It Time to Throw Your Old Mattress Out?

Is your old mattress causing your health to plummet? It might be time to throw out the old and replace it with a new one. After making the switch, you’ll soon begin to notice a change in many of the health factors listed above.

You might not have even realized how much your old mattress was taking a toll on you.

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