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The 8 Biggest Secret Tips for Your Back Pain Relief

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The 8 Biggest Secret Tips for Your Back Pain Relief

Have you had enough of your lower back pain?

Back pain affects everyone, it is well known. It is a decidedly common disorder that affects men and women, in fact, 60% of the industrialized countries suffer from back pain.

One would immediately think of those who do heavy work but, in truth, back pain comes to stay constantly seated: in the car, at school, in the cinema, at home on the couch, and at work … especially those who work in the office affected.

Office work seriously compromises the entire spine, especially if you work in front of a 9/7 laptop.   Remaining in this area, I want to start with the first piece of advice to follow:


Reclining chairs offer great relief to those who do office work. The ability of the reclining office chairs is to offer great relief to those who work at the desk and those who already suffer from back pain, because reclining, make the trunk relax muscles and consequently reduce stress.

The ideal would be to make a series of continuous movements reclining with the chair, so as to be able to activate the circulation in an optimal manner to the legs and therefore, to alleviate the general tension that would eventually discharge everything on the back.


Aerobic activity is good for back pain, the body is always in motion and stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation in the body, giving relief and relieving stress and toxins.

Specifically, they are ideal stretching and toning exercises such as stretching.  The same benefit is offered by Yoga, ideal for those who love meditation, Yoga is great for relaxing muscles and toning.

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Overweight is one of the main causes of back pain because the spine is put to the test (especially in children and the elderly), and in the worst causes it could have a compression of the nerves that depart from the column.  What to do?

You can very well maintain the ideal weight without having to go on a diet. An accurate diet with the contribution of the right calories and the aerobic or meditative activity will help to reach the right weight in a natural way.


What to eat if you suffer from back pain?  Fruit and vegetables on everything: they are rich in magnesium and are alkalizing foods, which means that they prevent back pain.  If you want to raid collagen, every now and then a nice broth or a boiled wine will give you collagen at will.  Do not forget about foods rich in Omega 3 and 6 (specifically salmon, shellfish, Tofu, excellent flax seeds in salads, almonds, and walnuts).


According to studies, each aroma has its power and its action.  For the back, the aromas must have relaxing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory/analgesic actions.  Essential oils can be massaged directly on the affected part (3-5 drops) or you can dilute 10 drops in the bath.

The essential oil of Camphor: It is the oil for those who play sports. It helps a lot if massaged directly on traumas, injuries, bruises, etc.

Camphor oil transmits a lot of heat. The essential oil of Ginger: Helps eliminate inflammation. Its ability to draw blood to the surface causes the inflammation to be alleviated.

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The essential oil of White Fir: Relaxes the muscles. It is indicated in cases of arthritis, sciatica, cramps and back pain in general.


Taking an orthopedic mattress can significantly reduce back pain and almost definitively.   The mattress will therefore not be defined as “hard” or “soft” but as an orthopedic medium stiffness.  According to research, conducted by Francisco Kovacs of the “Kovacs Foundation” of Palma de Mallorca, about 300 people with chronic back pain have slept on various types of a mattress without knowing which one. People who slept on the mattress with medium rigidity stated twice better and even reduced the painkiller intake that they felt, compared to those who had slept on the classic hard orthopedic mattress. Also, you can check these best mattress for back pain reviews if you need more options to choose from


Mass therapy is a massage, in this case to the back, to which one is subjected to a series of sessions.   The therapist, through the maneuvers that will be performed on the body and on the back, will be able to soothe and relieve pain, tension and physical fatigue.

These were the top 7 tips to relieve back pain.  If you suffer from back pain and would you like to feel good about yourself and be relaxed once and for all? Do what is written and you will never suffer again!

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