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Brainstorm 101: Unique Blog Ideas That’ll Actually Make You Money

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Brainstorm 101: Unique Blog Ideas That'll Actually Make You Money

What if you could be making money with your eyes closed?

Blogging is one of the best ways to generate passive income. That means cash is coming in even while you are snoozing!

However, there are many blogs out there, so you’ll need some unique blog ideas. Keep reading to discover 5 ideas that will actually make you money!

1. New Angle, Old Idea

What’s an easy way to do something new in the world of blogging? By finding a new angle on a proven formula.

For example, there are plenty of vacation guides out there, but most of them seem super generic. But you can change that!

A site focusing on vacation guides for college professors, however, is very unique. And you’ll have an instant niche audience.

2. One Stop “How To”

The internet is filled with lots of “how to” information. There’s just one problem: the info is often very scattered.

Chances are there is a product review over here, a Youtube video over there, and so on. And it can be frustrating trying to pull all the info together.

By offering your one-stop “ultimate guide” to a topic, you’ll draw readers longing to make things easier. These types of websites may give you further inspiration.

3. Specific Lifehacks

What’s the one thing even the richest people need more of? Time, of course!

This is why “life hack” blogs and tips are so popular. Everyone wants to save time and effort whenever possible.

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The “trick” is to create lifehacks for a specific group. There are many lifehack blogs, but not many for, say, filmmakers completing graduate school.

Once again, by finding a niche audience, you can find profit.

4. Budget Management

It’s good to help people save money as well as time. Another winning idea is to help people budget that money.

However, standard budget management blogs are a dime a dozen. That’s why, once again, you need a specific angle.

Maybe you are helping people do the keto diet without breaking the bank, or travel four times a year without going bankrupt. Help people get the most out of their lives and you’ll have an audience for life.

5. Niche Product Reviews

Product reviews are more important than ever before. That’s why “unboxing” videos on Youtube have become so popular!

However, most sites and videos focus on mainstream products. And so people looking for reviews on niche products are usually out of luck.

This is where you come in. You have an opportunity to review things like luggage cases for airline travel or cosplay clothing for your favorite genre.

Think of this as your chance to blaze a new writing trail and reap the rewards.

Unique Blog Ideas: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to rock some unique blog ideas. But do you know how to grow your business once you get started?

We specialize in helping individuals stay on top of digital and business news. To see how we can help transform your blogging business, check out our latest and hottest marketing tips today!

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