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5 Simple Ways to Show Respect to Your Freelancers

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5 Simple Ways to Show Respect to Your Freelancers

Hiring freelancers presents you with a tremendous opportunity to improve the profitability of your business while also allowing you to scale your workforce up or down depending on your current needs. Finding freelancers who are a perfect fit with your company can be difficult, however, since not everyone out there will have the exact skillsets that you require or will have the right attitude and motivation to be part of your team.

This is why when you find the right individuals, whether you discover them through a freelance job search platform or they’re introduced to you by one of your industry colleagues, you should make sure to let them know how much you value their business, and that you see them as an essential part of your team. Here are some ways you can do this.

Pay them competitively

Don’t be one of those employers who still believe that freelancers should be paid as little as possible simply because they are not full-time, permanent employees. Freelancers, in general, are already paid so much less than their full-time counterparts, considering that they have to shoulder a lot of their daily expenses. They buy their own computer, pay for their own utility bills, pay for internet connectivity, pay for all medical expenses (since they don’t get to have health benefits), and many others besides. Give your freelancers rates that are commensurate with the value they bring to your company and are competitive with the pay that their peers in the industry receive.

Pay them on time

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Paying freelancers is different from paying big and well-established creative agencies. Since freelancers often work on their own as self-employed individuals, not paying them on time could mean they won’t be able to put food on the table, pay for their home, or send their children to school. Don’t be like other employers who only think about their own balance sheets. Be responsible and be fair to the people who help your business grow and help keep it running like clockwork. In short, pay your freelancers on time!

Provide them with more projects and leads

Freelancers sometimes fear the prospect of not having enough projects to work on. If you love your freelancers’ work and you value what they do for your business, you should reciprocate by giving them a steady stream of work to accomplish. This will afford them that sense of security that comes from having a constant flow projects to work on. Alternatively, you could also consider introducing them to your industry friends or partners, who could give them additional work on the side.

Include them in your company events

One thing that many freelancers don’t get to enjoy on a daily basis is the sense of community that comes from working in a traditional office—unless, of course, they work in a co-working space where they’ve already made some friends and acquaintances. This is why you should also regularly invite your freelance workers to join you when you have events organized by your company. Whether it’s a workshop, a talk, a party, a networking event, or an out-of-town excursion, your freelancers are bound to enjoy the opportunity of being able to attend an affair outside of their often-isolated workspace.

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Never begrudge them their breaks and vacations

Freelancers are not your slaves, and much like your regular employees, they, too, need a break from time to time.  You shouldn’t expect them to always be at your constant beck and call, considering they’re not exactly beholden to you or to any other employer. Moreover, the onus is really on you to understand and to adjust if they want to take a vacation. To better manage submission expectations, make sure to give your freelancers enough lead time to complete their deliverables.

Freelancers are indispensable partners when it comes to building your business. This is why you should always treat them fairly and recognize their worth.

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