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10 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Legit Essay Writing Service

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10 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Legit Essay Writing Service

A record number of college students are using legitimate essay writing services to help overcome the challenges of college essay-writing. Today, students are burdened like never before. With essays, tests, course work, extracurriculars, internships, and jobs all competing for their time with the essentials of enjoying the college experience, it’s no wonder that students need help to earn back some of the time that the unfair burdens placed on their limited time have taken from them. But if you are thinking about buying an essay, it’s important to consider ten key factors for choosing a legit essay writing service to make sure that you give your money only to essay writers who can be trusted.

     1. Where is the service located? A legit essay writing service will tell you up front where it is located. You want to find a service that is located in the same country as you because this service is more likely to be accountable should something go wrong and more likely to have writers who speak the same language as you and write the way you would.

2. Where are the writers located? A legit essay writing service will tell you up front where its professional academic writers are located. You want to know that your writers are located in a country where English is the native language, preferably your own country. When writers are located in third world countries, they are less likely to meet the quality standards you expect.

3. What are the writers’ qualifications? A legitimate academic writing service will tell you something about its writers. If they hide details about who is writing your paper, be wary. You want to look for a service whose writers hold master’s degrees or PhDs because these writers will have the education to create top quality papers.

4. How much does the service cost? This is a bit of a trick question. In this case, you don’t want to look for the cheapest service because services that don’t charge enough don’t have enough money to pay for good writers. You want a service that is affordable but one that charges enough that your writer will be paid fairly and won’t try to cut corners due to low pay.

5. Is their site secure? With e-commerce being so popular and so common, it can be easy to overlook the fact that small websites sometimes use sketchy payment methods. You want to make sure any service you choose uses a secure online payment method, and you want to ask if your user data will ever be sold to a third party.

6. Is there a real human to talk to? These days anyone can create a professional-looking website, but if the service you choose is nothing but a website, you won’t be able to get the support you need at every step of the process. If there is a real person to talk to, the service is more likely to be responsive to your needs during the writing process.

7. How do they handle plagiarism? Plagiarism is one of the most contentious issues in the professional essay-writing industry. You want to feel confident that your paper will be original, so look for a professional writing service that provides a plagiarism guarantee and will explain to you how they check to make sure no paper they produce has plagiarism in it.

8. What is their revision policy? You want to make sure that the service you use has a policy in place to deal with any mistakes that make it through their proofreading process. If a writer misses a requirement, for example, you want to make sure that the company you choose will fix the error for free so you don’t have to spend more money to fix their mistake.

9. Do they have a money-back guarantee? If you receive a paper that completely fails to meet your expectations and the company’s efforts to revise it aren’t satisfactory, you want to know that the company will give you your money back. Ask for the details of their refund policy and when and how your paper would qualify for a refund.

10. Do they recycle or resell papers? You want to make sure that the paper you order will be for your use only. Be sure to ask whether the company ever reuses parts of papers or whether they resell a paper or place it in a term paper library for others to view. You should expect that your paper will be yours and yours alone.


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