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Divide and Conquer: 3 Areas You Need to Focus on During Your Kitchen Remodel

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Divide and Conquer: 3 Areas You Need to Focus on During Your Kitchen Remodel

Did you know that even minor kitchen remodels can offer an 81% return on investment? Not only will the renovations look great for you now, but it’ll bring you more money later if you decide to sell.

And if you’re looking to do a major remodel, you’re still bound to get almost 60% back!

So don’t hesitate to focus on the kitchen when you’re looking for smart upgrades around the house. It’s a central room that’s arguably one of the most important. We’ve compiled a kitchen remodel checklist that explains three focus areas that offer the most bang for their buck.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you are planning to sell, that you keep things relatively neutral. For example, skip the burnt orange wall and opt for the new appliances instead.

With that in mind, let’s start checking things off!

1. Countertops

The main features on this list are things that make a big difference. Countertops are one of the first things you’ll notice when walking into a kitchen, simply because they cover a lot of space.

You’ve got lots of options here when it comes to material, maintenance, and look and feel.

The benefits of quartz countertops outweigh that of many. They’re durable, strong, and provide a sleek feel.

2. Appliances

We’re not asking you to buy a brand-spanking-new, thousand-dollar refrigerator. Rather, we’re recommending you upgrade your appliances so that they’re functional, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing — without spending a fortune.

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Some trends that are popular right now:

  • Stainless steel everything
  • Appliances integrated with your cabinetry
  • Eco-friendly, energy efficient appliances (look for the Energy Star logo)
  • Unique features that are functional, such as flat-tops, water filters, and more

Appliances should get the job done without getting in your way.

Bonus points if they’re also seamlessly integrated!

3. Cabinets

Like countertops, cabinets are a large piece of the kitchen puzzle. A fresh paint job on older cabinets (or installing new ones) will transform your cooking space.

How you choose to upgrade is up to you. If your cabinets aren’t that old — but need a refresher — you can do that without replacing them. Simply research how to refinish and stain whatever material yours are.

You could also replace them. But let’s pretend we don’t have an endless budget.

For a big update, minus the replacement, consider one of these options:

  • A new paint job (as discussed)
  • Adding LED lighting in minimal ways
  • Add glass door inserts, allowing you to see what’s within
  • Removing cabinet doors altogether!
  • Installing roll-out shelving throughout
  • Replacing knobs on cabinet doors

These are only a few of many ideas for updating your kitchen cabinets. If it’s trendy, sleek, and functional, chances are it’ll be a great investment.

And friendly reminder time: attempt to keep things contemporary and not too “out there.” Remember, you may try to sell your home one day. If this is the case, try to keep the future home buyers in mind.

The Kitchen Remodel Checklist of a DIYer’s Dreams

Upgrades are worth it. The project is satisfying, the end result brings you joy, and they also make your home more valuable. What’s not to like?

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We hope this kitchen remodel checklist highlighted a few crucial focus areas. If you liked this article, check out the lifestyle section of our blog for similar features!

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