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10 Reasons Why Deleting Your Twitter Account is a Smart Move

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There’s no doubt Twitter is a popular social media outlet. In fact, Twitter has over 321 million monthly users.

Even though Twitter has plenty of users, not all of them are active. If you signed up for Twitter but have not been able to keep up with it, you should consider closing your account.

Read on to learn when deleting your Twitter is a good idea.

1. You Won’t Be the Prey of Cyberbullies

As you may be aware, when you’re active on social media, you might be more vulnerable to cyberbullying. In fact, 50 percent of teens have dealt with online bullying. 19 percent of cyberbullying happens on Twitter.

Cyberbullying is toxic and is one of the leading causes of depression, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, and other psychological issues.

2. You Never Fully Got the Hang of It

If you created a Twitter account because it was the trend but never got the hang of it, it’s time you delete your Twitter account.

Twitter can be quite complex for people to understand, especially when they’re new to social media. You have to learn how to re-Tweet and use hashtags.

If you think you never got the hang of Twitter, you should try a different social media handle. Check this out if you need help deleting a Twitter account.

3. Companies Won’t be Able to Track You

Have you noticed companies you follow or like start to show up more and more on your feed? The reason is when you like or follow a company it leaves a digital footprint.

That is why you start to see more and more advertising for those companies show up everywhere you look.

By deleting your Twitter account, you will stop these companies from tracking what you like.

4. Some Conversations Should be Private

If you’re interested in having more meaningful conversations with people on social media, Twitter might not be the best platform.

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For example, unless you mutually follow someone, will not be able to message them directly. Also, tweets move rather rapidly, so it’s difficult to track a conversation.

Not to mention, you shouldn’t have certain conversations on Twitter for the world to see. If you don’t want people to see your private thoughts or conversations, Twitter might not be the right social media outlet for you.

5. You’ll Stop Isolating Yourself

Even if you think you spend a lot of time interacting with others, how much time do you spend on your social media accounts?

The more time you spend following people on Twitter and replying to Tweets, the more you will isolate yourself.

Spending time on social media won’t help you fill any voids. On the contrary, it will make you feel more isolated.

6. You Were Following a Trend

Did you only create a Twitter account to follow a current trend? If this was the reason, you might be better off deleting the account.

For example, some people open Twitter accounts when they want to follow major events such as presidential elections, the Olympics, sports events, or celebrity feuds.

People also like to follow the actors of their favorite sitcoms and read the Tweets during a new episode.

If you didn’t use the Twitter account after the event ended, it’s a sign you should delete the account.

7. You’ve Sent Out Mean Tweets

Although most of us know we have to be civil and behave in public situations, we’re human and lose our cool from time to time.

Unfortunately, some people lose their cool on Twitter. You might be familiar with certain celebrities sending out heated Tweets, and some of them have even had to close their accounts for this reason.

For example, Alec Baldwin faced a lot of controversy after some pretty heated Tweets.

You don’t have to be a celebrity for your heated Tweets to receive “backlash.” There have been some instances when regular people have said nasty comments on Twitter. Remember the woman who got banned from YouTube after she freaked out for not getting a Dunkin’ Donuts receipt? What about the numerous accounts banned from Twitter because they showed abusive behavior?

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If you have a habit of saying everything that’s on your mind after a few cocktails or debate, you should close your Twitter account.

8. Avoid Internet Trolls

For as long as the internet has existed, so has the internet trolls. Although they might seem like they are harmless, internet trolls are actually psychopaths.

A few studies have shown internet trolls show the same behaviors as psychopaths and sadists, and they actually enjoy hurting people.

By closing your Twitter account, you will decrease your chances of interacting with an internet troll.

9. You Don’t Log in Often

Did you create a Twitter account with the intention of having a lot of followers? Do you not have as many followers as you like because you’re not active?

If you pay attention to people who have a lot of followers, they tend to tweet often. They either Tweet every day or they have a consistent time when they do it.

You may not have enough time to Tweet all the time or you have lost interest in becoming a Twitter superstar.

Ask yourself why you decided to open a Twitter account? If this isn’t something you’re interested in anymore, then you should consider closing your account.

10. You Tweet Every Aspect of Your Life

Another reason why you should close your Twitter account is if you’re Twitting every aspect of your life. You should also consider closing your Twitter account if you have become obsessed with following other people 24/7.

Spending your entire day on Twitter is not the best way to spend your time.

Once you notice Twitter has become an obsession, it might not be a bad idea to close your account and take a break from it.

Deleting Your Twitter: The Bottom Line

Now that you know when deleting your Twitter account is a good idea, it’s time you pull the plug.

You should consider deleting Twitter if you don’t want to deal with cyberbullies, you spend too much time on it, or you tend to send heated Tweets.

Check out the rest of our blog for more social media advice.

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