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Caring Through Cannabis: The Best Gifts to Give the Cannabis Lover in Your Life

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Did you know that the average pot smoker spends about $650 on marijuana and accessories each year?

If people are already spending this much on cannabis, it can be hard to determine what they may want as a gift.

One thing is obvious though— you won’t go wrong with buying them a weed-related product. Continue reading to find some of the best cannabis gifts that your friend will love.

Cannabis Gifts That Stoners Will Love

Are you looking to find a gift for the stoner in your life but aren’t sure what to buy them? There are many different types of weed accessories and CBD products that you can get for them, CBDChamp is an excellent source to find the best stoner products.

Going online or to the store can become overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. Doing thorough research and following this guide can help you find the best gift that your friend will want to use every day.

Below are some of the best cannabis gifts available on the market right now that your friend will love.

1. CBD Infused Bath Salts

If your stoner friend enjoys taking a long, hot bath and relaxing then CBD bath salts are an excellent gift idea. These bath salts help reduce inflammation and smell amazing. They are extremely refreshing and luxurious.

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The Epsom salt used in these products helps relieve pain, inflammation, and muscle tension making it the most relaxing bath they’ve ever taken.

2. Hemp and Honey

Honey that is infused with hemp is a perfect gift for the stoner with a sweet tooth. The CBD in the honey benefits the user through its inflammation, pain-relieving, and calm-inducing properties.

It is a great cure for sore throats and can be used in teas, cooking, and even by the spoon! Your stoner friend will love this honey because they can use it so many ways.

3. CBD Hand and Body Lotion

Hand and body lotions made with CBD and hemp are wonderful gift ideas for those who are constantly working with their hands. Many people claim that when they use these lotions they can feel a slight tingle and refreshing sensation, but it is subtle.

Not only will they help keep you moisturized, but CBD lotions are also perfect for days when your muscles are sore because of its inflammation and pain-relieving benefits.

4. CBD Lip Balms

Many lip products that are made with CBD oil contain more natural ingredients and hydrate your lips to the fullest. Getting a lip balm infused with CBD oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamins can give your lips the proper nutrients they need.

5. Candles

This one doesn’t necessarily have to involve CBD or marijuana but your stoner friend will appreciate it!

Finding a strong (but good) scented candle for your friend won’t make your money go to waste. Many smokers light candles and enjoy the smell of them. They also help to get rid of marijuana odors that tend to be overpowering.

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The Gift That Truly Gives

Nobody wants to spend money on a gift for someone when they don’t know if they will even like it. Using the guide above can help you get them the top cannabis gifts that are currently available.

Weed accessories and CBD products are a safe option for your stoner friend, but you can get as creative as you would like when selecting the right product. Be sure to do research on items before buying them.

Check out our life and relationship pages to stay up to date on the latest gifts that you will want to give.

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