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Why Ideal Blog Post Frequency is Important?

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Posting frequency for a blog plays a vital role in driving traffic though there is a saying in the blogosphere that “Content is King”. I am in favour of this statement but keep in mind that without consistent blogging don’t ever think of high volume traffic. Let’s make it clear with the help of an example.

Suppose you are sitting in front of the TV and waiting for your favourite program. After some time, you come to know that it is re-telecast or scheduled for some other day. What would be your reaction? Old episode disappointed you.

Same is the case with blogging, your readers come to read fresh content but when they see same old stuff they disappoint. It’s better to have a posting frequency so that they could know when your blog will be updated with fresh content.

Am I supposed to frequently update the content?

Well, that’s a question worth asking. You need to concentrate on the example of a TV program in context to your blog. Maybe broadcasting frequency of that TV program is twice or thrice a week, but every time there is a new episode. Same is the case here, develop a frequency and strictly follow it to refresh your blog. Regular posting shows that you are serious about blogging as readers come back daily to check your new posts. You cannot be successful if you do not go by the rule.

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Ok, I have opted a frequency to refresh the content of my blog!

Visitors are in expectation of new content and they simply disappoint by facing same old stuff every time they visit. You are creating interest in your audience by serving them with fresh content using the content marketing tools e.g content paraphrase tool. Remember, retaining your readership is much difficult as compared to attracting new visitors. Focus on your loyal readers and target your potential readers by promoting your content.

Is it a matter of dedication and grip over the subject?

Look, if You are updating your content on regular basis, this clearly shows that you have command over a topic to write more and more. Its also matter of dedication that you are spending the time to write and add some value to your readers. Both are important indicators to show blogger’s attitude towards his commitment.

If I am a fan of a blog but whenever I visit and find obsolete content, I will unsubscribe from its readership because I have the perception that the blogger is not committed and treating it like a personal blog. He is lacking in ideas to write. So it’s better to show your commitment.

Does it mean I shall post more than once daily to show, I am a committed blogger?

It depends. If you have a news blog, you may post as many as you can to cover the hot stories, but if you have a blog like us, it’s better to post a single article per day.

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“RSS fatigue is already setting in. While multiple posts get you more traffic, they also make it easy to lose loyal readers”.

It’s pertinent to mention here that excessive posting results in poor quality content. I will quote the example of viperchill, who posts few but the content is of very high quality which keeps his community engaged.

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If you start posting too many articles, it would be difficult for your readers to digest it. Plus you have little time to promote it. Keep a balance in posting frequency so that you have enough time to promote it. It’s much better to opt such frequency which can be easily retained later. Most of the new blogger is very excited and post several articles per day, but as time passes they can’t sustain with their posting frequency.

Develop a schedule for posting new content and try to follow it. Say we update our blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Now we have one day to research and write to post the next day and two days of weekend to do other miscellaneous work. Normally, weekend days are not considered good for traffic. So post your article on other days of a week for full exposure. When you successfully developed and followed posting schedule, now increase it from three times a week.

This is a blogging strategy collected by SEO Tools Centre to move towards success. It’s over to you. You need to ask some questions from you.

  • Do you follow any posting frequency and have you noticed an increase in traffic?
  • Have you observed that you engaged your community more effectively?
  • Comment on it and on your blogging strategy to share your experience.
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