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Ways to Improve Office/Home/House Interaction

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Ways to Improve Office/Home/House Interaction

Proper communication is essential anywhere, and it doesn’t have to be verbal all the time. The lack of time, full schedule, minor emergencies can play a bad role in the process of delivering an important message even within housemates. The consequences might be quite dramatic from wasted supper to missed flight or important meeting. If you don’t have a chance to talk to your colleagues or family often, or there are too many things going on at the same time and in the same space, you should consider applying some alternative ways of communication. Leaving notes and catchy bright stickers are one of them.

Application of custom stickers can work out well if used smart and placed in the right locations. Probably, you have seen them several amounts of times on the office bulletin board or your co-worker’s desk, or you had a chance to apply them by yourself within your workspace. Ideally, they are messages, quotes or reminders – each with a specific meaning, that would help keep essential things and assignments in your mind. You can use them as name tags for folders, mark papers, belongings, and other office stuff. They would help orient in the paces of general use, delivering messages and goals, reminding about basic principles of equipment functioning, so newcomers would be extremely thankful.

Also, it can be an effective way to send a message at home. Unfortunately, there are times when the family members’ schedules do not overlap, and the “note” communication is crucial. “Check the refrigerator for supper”, “You’re out of clean t-shirts”, “Open the wardrobe carefully”, “Don’t forget to buy milk for tomorrow”, “Your train leaves at 5.30 PM” etc. Bright notes and stickers would be extremely neat when kids are in the house. That would definitely draw their attention and bring some fun while assigning tasks, reminding about their duties, encouraging and rewarding them. Hey, and adults want to have some fun too!

Hence, the option of applying custom stickers offers many interesting possibilities. Some people might consider it a waste of time and unnecessary mess if applied in random places, but nobody forces them to use them. Regardless, it is a wonderful way to improve in-house interaction – both for those who are too many things to do, always forget everything or the ones that have to deal with housemates that have some sort of disabilities.

Means to communicate with anyone in the workplace

The office setting is a perfect media for creating communication problems. Too many people of various backgrounds are in the same time at the same place that most likely might lead to creating minor conflicts and misunderstandings that with a lack of proper management could develop into big problems. There are different factors to take into account like personality, stature or even the employee’s position, so stickers and notes might be the best way to deliver the same message to everyone. Especially within the places of common use like kitchen or restroom. 

Companies usually turn to stickers for some marketing or brand building scheme although some creative managers and other employees could apply them to brighten the office space and thus unite a company raising team spirit.

In most cases, these customized printed stickers would have graphics and text. The latter is the most important since it is the message meant for all employees that the human resources and administration people are trying to preach.

Less Talk More Stickers

Applying stickers and notes at home is an easy and fun way to interact. It’s an excellent tip to apply if there are a lot of things going on, and you need additional ways to remind your housemates about something important. Alternatively, it is just a good way to let people know that you were thinking about them.

For people who have cognitive disabilities, using stickers can be a neat and helpful guide too. Try to apply some cool custom stickers strategy at your elderly relative’s house. That might be a good way to remind them about their routine things or the places where the important stuff is located.

A home or office does not have to be riddled with stickers to send the message across. It could be one or two, enough for as long as it serves its purpose and avoids misinterpretations which do occur at times. Some may be wary about investing in such, calling it a waste of money. But if it leads to better communication or productivity, using stickers could be better than having a conflict-ridden area.

Thus, despite communication via notes and delivering message and correcting mindset (“Work now, rest later!”), as well as reminding about the goals is a good tip to improve your productivity, don’t forget that there are living people around you, and verbal communication is an essential way to create social connections, make friends and feel alive, important and valued.

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