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How to use Instagram with your direct sales business?

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Instagram is one of my favorite social platforms and I have a lot of tips for you to be successful using this platform in the future. It is perfect for those type of businesses which use visuals. There are various and hundreds of question about how to use Instagram with your direct sales business. And the answer is it will be different for each business but there are general guidelines which will help you with your direct business on Instagram. Instagram is the best choice to meet new people and make conversation with them. You can add to your story to show your daily life activities.

Tips listed below are used for direct sales business on Instagram

  • Create an effective bio and briefly explain what you offer and what your message is for your potential customers.
  • Make your username which should be related to your business. Use a keyword in the user name. This is the trick most of the people misses.
  • Don’t make use of odd spellings of either your name or company name in your bio.
  • Use your real name, the name with which people know you.
  • Use your professional Display picture which you are using on other platforms also.
  • Increase the credibility of your publication and make it more attractive to other users by visiting boosting websites that offer to buy Instagram likes, but don’t let it carry you away. Hundreds of A-B tests and the overall statistics say that people more likely put likes on a photo that looks popular than on one with only several likes on it.
  • You should make sure that your posts are set to the public because you are running a business people will like to see you.
  • Don’t connect your Instagram with other accounts like Facebook and Twitter, if people have already seen your posts on other Media than why will they follow you.
  • One thing makes sure that Instagram is all about visuals. So take your own shot and edit it and then post it. Don’t do the thing what other people are doing.
  • You should learn about Instagram as much as you can. You must have awareness about the tools the Instagram offers you.
  • Do extraordinary things and think out of the box. Do unique things from others this will help you to achieve direct sales on Instagram.
  • Find out best filters. Sometimes a result of the camera is too good you don’t have to use filters.
  • You should be familiar with edit tools this will make your photos different from others
  • You must use geo location tags whenever you attend any event.
  • Find out which artistic effects can be the best representative of your brand.
  • Your account look should match your message.
  • Be active and post consistently on your account at least one post in the morning and one in the night.
  • Whenever someone leaves a comment make sure you respond him back.
  • Post all kinds of stuff which you will be selling.
  • Your comment section should never be blank because engagement is somewhat more important than posting photos.
  • On Instagram comments are gold you have almost sixty minutes to see whether someone shares your post to their followers.
  • Remove those spammers who are asking you continuously to look at their opportunity.
  • Do friendly conversations, makes friends and create engagment with them who comments on your posts.
  • Use the strategy of (@name) otherwise, people will not see your response.
  • You should like multiple posts and don’t be shy of doing that and post comments on the profiles of people you don’t know.
  • Make excessive use of old videos and stories
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  • Use relevant hashtags and makes research for that to find the best hashtags.
  • You can use 30 tags but 6-11 are enough don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t post too many selfies you can add 5 just for fun if you will do on a consistent basis will start unfollowing you.
  • Don’t post irrelevant photos and videos.
  • Don’t post too much otherwise people will be annoyed
  • No need to post direct sales product.
  • This platform is to post your own photos. This is not for marketing flyers get rid of them.
  • If you have copied someone’s photo and post it on your profile then give photo credit.
  • Follow the persons that inspire you. Like leaders and trainers.
  • Keep an eye on competitor and look at what they are doing and what is the response they are getting.
  • Follow those people who have an interest in your product. Like if your target is shoes, fashion or lifestyle then follow relevant people.
  • Don’t just follow someone to get their follow back and then do unfollow that’s not a good practice.
  • You don’t have to follow everyone which follows you. Bit only follow those people who are relevant to you have common interest and engagement.
  • You should be familiar with the top Instagram strategy which is direct messaging.
  • There is a problem with Instagram they will show only the last 75 interactions, so use your account frequently to check that.
  • Do not hesitate to give people credit for amazing posts, this will in reward helps you gain more likes and followers.
  • Continuously monitor your account and have a view of stats, you should be running business account so that you can check what’s going on and what is working.
  • You should have an idea on which day and time you have to post. You should have intention and strategy while posting this will help in getting more traffic.
  • Don’t forget to post your link on other platforms so that you can get more followers.
  • You should know why you are following people for their content, so you should post such content so that they come back again.
  • Don’t try to become someone. Be real be you. If you will do this people will move elsewhere?
  • Be social and build friend list on Instagram if you will push your product on Instagram people will push you away.
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These are some helpful Instagram tips for beginners and who want to use Instagram for their business. After following these tips you can direct sales business on Instagram.


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