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5 ways CBD helps with boosting your fitness

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5 ways CBD helps with boosting your fitness

What is CBD?

CBD and THC are the two main components of cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not make you psychoactive and sedated as CBD and THC act in different ways on different receptors in the brain and body.

CBD Oil is manufactured by extracting oil from hemp flower seeds which have less TCH and by continuously heating at low flame for a period using alcohol or vinegar. The resultant concentrate is then diluted by mixing it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or hemp seed oil or with orange oil to reduce the bitterness.

What are the health benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD is a safe, non-additive and non-toxic compound and is used by many as an alternative treatment for many health issues. Research is continuously being done to find the various health benefits of CBD. It is emerging as an effective drug for numerous illnesses that were previously found to be non-curable. CBD is a good healing agent and therapeutically potent compound and thus, many people feel it as an excellent treatment option for many health issues. It is widely used for treating a very rare form of pediatric epilepsy, and a government-approved medicine is available in the markets for treating epilepsy.

CBD with less than 3% THC has no risk of making you high and has many of the health benefits of the cannabis plant.

CBD is used

  • For chronic pain relief:

CBD is found to have acted positively on patients suffering from arthritis and   sclerosis and relieved pain

  • For treating anxiety and depression:

CBD has been found to act on the brain receptors of patients and regulate their mood and social behavior.

  • For reducing cancer treatment-related effects:

CBD has been found to reduce chemotherapy-related vomiting, nausea, and pain.

  • To reduce acne:

CBD because of its anti-inflammatory properties reduces the chemical that is causing acne.

  • To treat neuro related problems

CBD has been found to be effective in curing neurological disorders like epilepsy and sclerosis.

  • Many other health conditions like treating mental health, anti-tumor effects and diabetics

There are many more health benefits attributed to CBD which are still under research.

How does CBD boost your fitness?

The rigorous workout causes small damages to the body muscles. This small damages or inflammation triggers the repairing process in the human body and makes the tissues to grow back stronger and healthier.

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High inflammation can injure your body. So, controlling the inflammation becomes very essential for every sportsperson and athlete. To reduce inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs are taken. Such drugs should not be steroid based as they are banned by the sports body. Many sportspeople have lost their careers, because of using steroids-based drugs and CBD is a boon for such athletes.

Here, CBD helps you in such situations as it has been found to be a strong anti-inflammatory compound. It has helped many patients to recover from exercise-related injuries, which are common even for non-athletes. Injuries occur even while doing mild exercise, and the person can recover faster by using CBD.

CBD is available in various forms namely as edibles, tinctures, topical and vape oils. Many CBD products have found their way into the fitness world in various formats. You may use the suitable mode, but it is advisable that you should use any type of medicines, drugs or compounds only under the proper guidance of a qualified medical practitioner.

  • Reduces Workout pain- CBD is good as a pain relief compound. It has been found to treat a variety of pain conditions. It has been used to treat chronic pain conditions and muscle inflammation. CBD intercepts the nerve which causes pain and wraps the pain receptors present in the brain. For a long time, cannabis has been used to treat depression, pain, anxiety, and physical exhaustion.

CBD with its pain-relieving characteristics does not act only on the exterior of the body and reduces the exterior pain, but also controls the nerve centers in the brain and reduces the pain in the muscles caused during a strenuous workout.

2) CBD distracts brain away from the pain- CBD acts on the pain-causing nerve and also blocks the signal from reaching the brain. This process is done by distracting the mind from the pain. CBD has mind-boosting properties which is apparent when CBD is taken as tea which keeps the user focused all through the day. It is an all-natural solution and can be used even during the competition, which is legal and helps you to participate in any competition stronger.

3) CBD Reduces Inflammation- When CBD is taken internally or applied externally, it has been found to have high anti-inflammation characters. It is regularly used as a chronic pain-relieving agent by people suffering from arthritis. CBD is very quick to block the pain receptors in the brain and gives fast pain relief to our body. When you use CBD after a tiresome workout, it gives instant pain relief and reduces the muscle soreness. It reduces the exercise-induced inflammation and helps you recover fast without the effect of any inflammation your body has suffered because of a tough workout.

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4) CBD relieves the mind- CBD is not only a good pain-relieving compound, but it also reduces stress and helps you focus better in your mind, and gives a pleasant effect. It is very effective in reducing the stress and many people have stopped using their regular prescribed drugs and started using CBD. When taken during treadmill exercise, it increases the happiness and joy of working on a treadmill.

5) CBD helps in fast recovery- When your body is relieved of pain and tiredness at a fast rate, it means the total condition and overall health is going to improve at a faster pace. CBD, when taken internally or externally, acts very quickly on the body and reduces the pain in joints and muscles at a very fast pace. It brings calmness to your mind and it freshens your mind, reduces anxiety and gives a good sleep which is very important for the muscles to recover faster and get ready for the next day’s work out.

How to use CBD safely?

CBD might be a non-additive compound, but it is advisable to consult a qualified medical practitioner or a cannabis doctor, before using CBD. Dosage and time of intake are important for any drug to have a positive effect on your body, and increasing and lowering of the dosage and using at the wrong time may have a negative impact on your body.

One drug will have a different effect on different individuals, because of a person’s health condition and interaction with other drugs they might be using. Thus, you need to be careful when you have any other medical ailments before using CBD.

CBD is sold by many unapproved drug manufacturers, and not many across the street drug manufacturers inform the exact percentage of CBD in the drug, so to avoid adulteration it is always safe that CBD is purchased from a registered and reputed manufacturer. It is always recommended to visit a certified physician or a doctor before consuming these CBD as it may have some significant side-effects.

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