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Here’s How Commercial Trash Pickup Services Work to Keep Your Business Clean

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Garbage is a complicated matter. Normally, the most thought we give it is for which bin we should put it in. Landfill or recycling?

Maybe you have to think a little harder and pick between paper and plastic recycling but that’s usually where the inquiry into trash ends.

But have you ever wondered what actually happens to all that garbage once it leaves your building?

It is actually a rather complex and interconnected system of organization.

Read on, and we’ll show you how trash pickup services work to keep your business clean.


Many of us have heard of landfills but may not exactly know what they are.

Landfills are engineered systems. They are made to be environmentally sound and are meant to be used long-term.

After garbage is picked up from your home or business, it’s compacted and deposited into the landfill. The garbage is intended to stay in the landfill permanently.

A lot of the garbage in landfills is organic, meaning that it breaks down naturally. The bacteria that break down organic waste produce carbon dioxide and methane gas.

Within the landfill are strategically placed wells. These wells collect the gas and transport it to a fuel conditioner.

After going through the fuel conditioner, the gas travels to a power plant. Once here, the gas acts as fuel and generates energy by turning engines.

You can leave your trash out for your local garbage man to collect. But if you have too much and need it all gone quickly, it’s best to hire a professional trash pickup company like dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au to handle it all for you.

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Recyclables are a little more complicated than landfill waste. This is because there is a lot of sorting involved.

Your recyclables are taken to a facility where they are put on a conveyor belt and sorted either by machine or by hand.


Sadly, it is estimated that only 9% of all plastic ever made has been recycled. But for the plastic that does get recycled nowadays, here’s how it works.

After plastics are separated from the other recyclables, they are sorted more finely based on color, type, and weight.

They are then transported to a plastics remanufacturing plant. Here, the plastics are ground up and melted. They are then shaped into pellets. These pellets will be used to make a variety of consumer goods.


Recycled glass is crushed into cullet. It is then shipped to a number of different customers.

Recycled glass can be made into counter tops, consumer products, or even road bedding.


When paper is recycled, it is sorted into 4 categories. These included old newsprint, office mix, corrugated boxes, and mixed paper.

The paper is then condensed and sold to paper mills. Some paper mills can sell paper that is 100% recycled. Others manufacture a mix of recycled paper and scraps of wood from lumber yards.

Appreciating Trash Pickup

When we understand how trash pickup works, we can begin to have a better appreciation for it and the people who make it all run.

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