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Franchise and Business Solutions. Finding the Right Way to Invest Your Money

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Investing your money can be difficult when you don’t know what to do. When you are looking to invest in something you should know a few things before you potentially lose your money. There is a right way to invest your money and a wrong way. We want to make sure that you are smartly investing your money so that you eventually make money in the long-run.

Franchise or Business Opportunity?

When it comes to a business, you may not want to start from scratch. If you do not want to start from scratch, franchising may be the best opportunity for you. Keep in mind that business opportunities are not as structured as a franchise. This means that a business opportunity is harder to get established.

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The Pros

When you franchise, you are being independent and bringing your own retailers together. You are using both a trademark and a business concept. There are many benefits to franchising versus starting a new business.

The sole or original owner has many benefits to franchising. Failure risk is reduced because the franchisee is in charge of the new location. However, franchising has proven to be more successful than starting a new business. Having a trademark that is known and established saves the franchise money because people already recognize the logo. They do not have to go out and advertise and publish a new trademark. This makes the operation itself more likely to succeed. There are more options to train rather than try through trial and error. Not to mention, franchising seems to occur more naturally than starting from scratch. Let us take a look at a few more benefits.

  • Turnkey Operation
  • Less Risk
  • Standardized Systems
  • Consulting/Supervision Available
  • Collective Buying Power
  • Uniform Packaging
  • Continuing Research and Development
  • Sales/Marketing Assistance
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The Cons

Franchising is not for everyone. Those who are very independent and entrepreneurs will not want to franchise because they may have their own ideas and specifications. They may not like the requirements and specifications that a franchise might have.

Like with anything else, some franchise operations are better than the next. Weak franchise operations are not going to train well and are not going to help the franchisee get through challenges. These franchises will not do good when you are facing problems and they are not using their money wisely. Here are a few other downsides.

  • You lose control
  • There is a contract
  • The initial owner or franchiser’s problems are now your (the franchisee) problem.

While franchising isn’t for everyone, you need to take into consideration how the business is doing and what problems the franchisor may be experiencing. You do not want to invest in a bad franchising company. Do not let the expectations of the business rule your decision. For example, if you are thinking of a Burger Restaurant Franchise, you should take into consideration how well they are doing and their sales before investing your money in them. Checkers and Rally’s is well-established and is a good option, however, keep in mind, as stated before, not all restaurants or businesses are a good thing to invest in.

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