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Why Communication Is Important Between Colleagues Whilst Working From Home

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Communication Is Important Between Colleagues Whilst Working From Home

As a direct result of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, many of us have now been working from home since the beginning of the year. But with many of us still adapting to this new way of life, what can be done to improve communication? To help you and your team get on top of this, we will be providing you with insight into the importance of communication when working remotely. 

Increased Levels Of Productivity

One of the main benefits of communication within an office environment is the level of productivity that it provides, however, when working remotely this could easily be lost. However, having meetings every morning with your team and a weekly meeting with the company is a simple yet effective way of maintaining this level of productivity whilst creating the perfect office environment. With many of us using applications such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom to communicate, the need for a business mobile phone is needed now more than ever before. 

Better Working Environment

In addition to improving productivity, it can be used to create a better working environment for everyone. With many of us experiencing some form of loneliness when working from home, having time to speak to your colleagues and discuss tasks with them is a great way of ensuring that everyone in the office is on track and happy. Though this will require some planning, taking the time to create a team environment is very important when you are unable to see them face to face. 

Ensures All Tasks Are Complete 

Whilst maintaining communication, you are also able to ensure that teams are on top of the workload they are set. This is particularly important in agencies and other fast-paced environments as some tasks can often be missed. By allowing yourself time to talk to the team and have a rundown of your calendar, you can ensure that every task is completed to the best of your ability with no risk of anything being missed. This is also a great way of ensuring that the work is balanced out between everyone as a result. 

Reduces The Risk Of Error 

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When working from home, you can sometimes be met with distractions that you wouldn’t find in the workplace. All of which can have a profound effect on the quality of work. As a result, this could if left unchecked lead to mistakes in your work. Therefore, ensuring there is an open line of communication to prevent this is a sure-fire way of achieving the best outcome with as minimal mistakes as possible. Whether this is over email, or in a morning video call, this is a huge benefit for everyone and will ensure that the workplace remains productive. 

Makes New Employees Feel Welcome

The final reason why communication is so important is that you want new employees to feel as welcome as possible. It can be hard enough joining a company when everyone is in the office, but when you are not able to meet people face to face, this is a new challenge in itself. Therefore, making time to schedule video calls and training sessions is the most important way of achieving this. Not only will they be able to see you and meet you, but they will also be able to ask any questions with ease despite not being there in person. 

Whether you are new to working from home or you have been for a while, we are sure that effective communication will enable you to adapt to the new normal moving forward. 

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