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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Death: Supreme Court Justice Passes Away at 87

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ruth bader ginsburg death

Coy firebrand, cultural, feminist, and legal icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg death leaves a massive void in the society. She passed away on Friday, September 18, at the age of 87. The Supreme Court confirmed the tragic news stating the cause of death. Ginsburg died due to complications from metastatic cancer of the pancreas. She breathed her last in the loving company of her family at her Washington, D.C. home.

John Roberts, the Supreme Court’s current Chief Justice, says that the nation has lost a legal personality of historic stature. She was a lovely colleague and an immensely strong woman. The country believes that Ruth Bader Ginsburg death leaves behind her name as a persistent and tireless justice icon. Moreover, everyone who knew her personally wishes that the future generation remembers her in all her might.

Ginsburg’s legal battle for women’s rights started in the 1970s. Eventually, she became one of the Supreme Court’s most prominent members, serving here for the next 27 years. Now, after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, a nasty battle of succession is just about to begin. Besides, this tumultuous battle regarding who will succeed her makes for a campaign topic for the upcoming Presidential elections. Supreme Court’s vacancy will now become the highlight of these campaigns.

The political battle probability after the Ruth Bader Ginsburg death

A couple of days before her death, Ginsburg felt an inner strength to dictate her granddaughter statement. In it, she mentioned clearly that it is her final wish not to have a successor until the country has a new President. It seems that Ginsburg knew what will happen after her death. Indeed, her passing away will have massive consequences for the state and the court. The scenario inside the court is terrible, with the chief of the liberal wing no more. Moreover, the Present Chief Justice does not possess the right of the controlling vote in closely contested cases.

John Roberts usually has a consistent record of a positive outcome in most of the cases. However, he has shown differences from his fellow conservatives on several occasions this year. Therefore, he cast his vote for the liberals, for example, to protect the DREAMers, at least temporarily, from deportation by the Trump Government. Moreover, he was also the one who led the decision to ban large gatherings at churches during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after the Ruth Bader Ginsburg death, there remain no clear majorities to support such outcomes.

A week after the upcoming Presidential elections, the third court schedule for hearing the Republican’s challenge is due. It is a challenge that the Republicans are bringing regarding the Obamacare or Affordable Care Act. Earlier in 2012, the law was upheld by the Supreme Court with a majority of 5-4. The final vote making the law final was from Roberts, making the law win by plurality. However, the results of this time may be different.

Plan of the upcoming nasty political battle

It is because, after Ruth Bader Ginsburg death, Republicans now have a chance to strengthen their control on the court. Moreover, President Trump may fill the vacancy of the Supreme Court with one of his recommendations. As a result, the conservatives have the chances of a 6-3 majority. It means that even desertion on the right will give conservatives enough votes to win in the Obamacare case, amongst many others.

The center of this nasty political battle will be Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the Senate. Earlier in 2016, his extraordinary step became a news highlight. His refusal to consider the Supreme Court nominee of President Barack Obama for over a year was intense. At that time, McConnell’s justification was that he was waiting for the next Presidential elections. According to him, the upcoming elections will allow voters to assess the type of justice they demand. However, now that the situation is different, McConnell clarifies that he will not follow the same rules.

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Instead, his priority will be to push forward a Trump nominee immediately to fulfill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s position. In that case, President Trump will have a representative in the Supreme Court even if he loses the upcoming elections. Moreover, it is another way of ensuring the conservative majority in the country’s highest court. Therefore, what America will witness in the forthcoming few weeks is core politics, which seems more massive on the Presidential election platform.

Ginsburg was always aware of the future.

The fight that is going to take place is the same one that Ginsburg wanted to avoid always. Ginsburg told Justice John Paul Stevens that her wish to serve as long as she lives, just like him. Even last year in an interview, Ginsburg spoke about her desire to serve the Supreme Court until the age of 90. However, it is unfortunate that she had to give up a little before achieving her target.

Despite not being able to serve until 90, she remains one of the strongest American personalities. She gets most of the credit for changing the world for modern American women to live in today. She fought for over a decade before finally getting the judicial appointment in the Supreme Court in 1980. Her fight for gender equality will be one of the most iconic in the history of America.

When she began her legal journey, gender inequality was common in the eyes of the law. There were several federal and state laws that restricted women’s activities. There were restrictions on women working alongside men, their civil rights, and of course, them serving in court. When Ginsburg wore the judicial robes for the first time, she was already the revolution leader.

Remembering the Rockstar woman who became a celebrity

Her influence became more evident in the 1996 Virginia Military Institute case that she upheld with a 7-1 majority. It was in her final declaration that she announced about VMI no longer remaining an all-men institution. Further, Ginsburg said that the VMI has a list of demands that a candidate needs to fulfill to be a part of it. While most men are incapable of fulfilling the strict criteria, women are indeed capable of doing it. Therefore, the institution must understand that they have to maintain gender equality in the future.

When Ginsburg was in her 80s, she was nothing short of a Rockstar for hundreds of women from all age groups. People were making documentaries, operetta, biopics, and more, making her the subject of everything. Moreover, the iron lady was also featured in the cover of one of the Time magazine publication. The caption that came along with her picture was “Notorius RBG” Moniker. Apart from that, she was also the subject of Saturday Night LIVE sketches. After Ruth Bader Ginsburg death, she leaves behind all of these fond memories for people to cherish forever.

Incidents from Ginsburg’s life that will make us laugh forever

An incident in 2016 was an embarrassing one for her, and she apologized for the same later. Ginsburg got herself into a bit of trouble after passing unpleasant remarks about Donald Trump. Mr. Trump was, at that time, a candidate for the future Presidential elections. However, in most parts of her life, Justice Ginsburg lived in the light of her halo. Moreover, he had a fantastic sense of humor, which was more profound than usual, at times.

Another interesting incident was when she kept falling asleep at the 2015 State of the Union address. Later, in an interview, she accepted the rumors and spoke about it too. The immensely smart lady blamed it all on the delicious wine she had for dinner before the speech. She mentioned how she was refraining from drinking and the other judges, but then could not resist it.

Early life and marriage of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born in Brooklyn and went to several public schools. Everywhere she went, her excellent grades and intelligence were noticeable. She has mentioned in several interviews that the driving force of her life was her mother. Unfortunately, Celia Bader, her mother, passed away from cancer a day before Ruth’s high school graduation. After that, 17 went to Cornell University to complete her higher studies on a 100% scholarship. It was here that she met her future husband, Marty or Martin Ginsburg.

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They both were married off soon after their graduation, and Ruth loved the fact that her husband appreciated her wisdom. After marriage, they went off to Okla’s Fort Sill, where Martin was posted as a soldier. Despite Ruth’s terrific scores in the Civil Service examination, she was only successful in securing a typist’s job. Soon she became pregnant and lost that job as well. In a couple of years, Ruth returned to the Eastern Coast and her husband to study at Harvard Law School. She was one of the nine female students in a class of 500 candidates. Once, the dean of Harvard asked her why she was occupying a suitable position for a man instead.

Life was full of struggles, but she chose not to give up.

Although the couple was studying together, Ruth outshone Martin in all the subjects. Apart from studies, the couple was also busy managing their toddler when terrible news struck the family. Martin was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and what followed were bouts of aggressive radiation and surgeries. Marty Ginsburg mentioned how his wife was juggling between studies, a 3-year old, and a sick husband in an old interview. It was a time for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that sleep was nothing but luxury when there is so much to manage.

During his illness, Marty would eat late in the night, dictate his senior grade paper to Ruth, and then sleep. It was then time for Ruth to prepare for her next day’s classes. When we hear these stories after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, we can only imagine her hardships. Marty Ginsburg recovered and secured a job in New York after graduation. On the other hand, Ruth went off to Columbia to complete her graduation. She became the topper of her class. Even after such good grades, none of the law firms during that time wanted to hire women. Besides, she carried a recommendation for a Supreme Court clerkship, but no one was willing to interview her.

The woman who was defying all odds of the society

Later, with her mentor’s help and law professor Gerald Gunther, Ginsburg finally joined as a Supreme Court clerk. Gunther assured Justice Edmund Palmieri that Ginsburg is a great candidate. He also dealt with the judge that he will not send any of his students to him, lest he gave Ruth a chance. Eventually, Ginsburg became one of Palmieri’s favorites, and he kept her for more than a usual term. After this, the power woman learned Swedish and did jobs at several places before finally becoming a teacher at the Rutgers Law School. It was from here that her fight for women’s justice begun. Later, she also became the first female professor in the Columbia Law School, her Alma Mater.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg went on to fight several severe cases and gaining victory in most of them. Her knowledge, dedication, and strength were awe-inspiring. Simultaneously, she became the leader of a women’s justice movement, rising from strength to power in America during that time. Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the face of American women and a role model for many. She was the one whose encouragement was like fuel for hundreds of American women who joined the movement to achieve their rights. Thanks to her that the country is a better place for women now.

Later, Ginsburg became the shining example of how a woman could defy every stereotype in society. Here knowledge and abilities made her the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, where she served as one true leader. Years later, she was diagnosed with cancer, which the lady was unable to survive ultimately. These are just a few of the many achievements of the champion personality that she was.

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