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7 Ways To Find A Brandable Domain Name for Your Start-up

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Should you choose a domain with a keyword in it or a brandable domain for your business? A domain name is the most essential part of your online identity. Before you decide upon a name, you need to think about getting it into people’s mind.

There will be pros and cons for any choice, but here are 7 guidelines that you should consider before making any decision to reach your goal of a perfect domain name.

Choosing Domain Name with your target keyword-

You might be intrigued to take up a keyword as or in the domain name as this will help you get your domain ranked comparatively easier for the target keyword. You will appear on top of every search result and your new website would get some much-needed lifeblood in the form of early traffic. You can take up this approach only if the niche you are targeting is very small with just a couple of main keywords which draws the majority of the traffic.

Think About the Future-

Choosing the target keyword and getting ranked sounds easy? It’s not.

Because the keyword that you chose can cease to be the main target keyword in the future or at very least have a variation of it or could be more popular than the keyword.

What then? You are no more on the top of the search results. Your purpose is no more satisfied. Would you invest your precious time working on a domain for the short run?

Brandable keyword = Difficult ranking?

If you happen to choose a brandable keyword with a high competition, then, things might seem difficult initially. Getting ranked on Google will be tougher with a brandable keyword than a keyword domain. But, Do you know what will be the trending keyword after 5 years from now? No, right? So, choosing a brandable domain is more sensible for the future.

Reach your audience:

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Your sole purpose was to reach your audience. You want people to remember you, in which case choosing a brandable domain makes lot more sense as people remember names or subjects that create an impact on their minds.

For instance, we are always curious about emails that appear with an interesting subject line. Hence, lending more effective to your marketing strategies.

Similarly, would you remember Amazon.com or Buymathsbooksonline.com?

Return visitor:

A successful domain name is one which would be able to attract visitors. A brandable domain name will definitely increase your visitor as people tend to visit domains that have an easy to remember name. Also, a strong name lasts long on people’s minds.

Short name = Great SEO:

Enough of names, do you know how to get a name ranked on Google? Now, if you choose a short yet strong name it will be a great help for your SEO. Always remember, a short domain name with fewer characters does great in SEO Plan. As it is one of the ranking signals for Google.

Trustworthy connection:

Your visitors will return to you only when you are able to create an impact on them. Before anything else, people will be identifying you by your name. Thus, you will have to choose a name that is able to build a connection with your visitors.

Keep in mind that no one will be coming to a domain which they do not find trustworthy enough. A brandable domain name works well for this matter. It will never make your visitors feel suspicious about the name, thus, building a strong bond.

Now, that you know all the pros and cons of choosing a brandable domain name, make a wise choice.

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