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How to download youtube videos from a trustable website

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How to download youtube videos

Many users are wondering how to download youtube videos. If you are one of them, the answer is straightforward: you have to copy and paste the video link that you would like to download, enter it in any of the pages that we show you below, and download it directly to your device. With this simple formula, you could download YouTube in its entirety. If you had time for it. Due to copyright issues, the streaming video platform has never allowed downloading the video files natively but limited to viewing. If you want to know about the downloading procedure of youtube, then stay reading.

Getting know: The procedure for downloading videos in laptop

 Downloading YouTube videos is neither legal nor illegal –at least informally–: it is in a field halfway between legality and illegality. Google prohibits in its Terms and Conditions of Use the downloading of videos from its platform and points out that the contents it houses are not made to be downloaded: it only allows them to play through its platform. But many video download pages have been operational for years, and it’s not that the company has made a titanic effort to tear them down.

Although some pages focused on downloading music from YouTube have closed in recent years – the case of the closure of YouTube-mp3 was trendy – there are still many others that are still perfectly functional. And they are valid for both mobile and computer.

The procedure for downloading youtube videos in laptop without any software

how to download youtube videos


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But the tool that I bring you today is super simple and saves even having to go to YouTube first and then to the web to download the video.

I get to the point. What you have to do is:

  1. At first, you need to find out the desirable videos or any music on the Youtube
  2. Look at the URL of that video
  3. Add two eyes (“ss”) in front of the word ‘youtube.’

Although they have different price plans. The application is still free if you download the medium quality video. Which is more than enough.

If you get lost in the interface. Just click on “download video with browser. Then you will see a quality selector and a download button. You can watch the video on this page if you haven’t already.

Why this method works to save YouTube videos (or audios)

 It’s a great idea. The creators of the web application have done to buy the domain ssyoutube.com and then perform a 301 redirect so that their platform knows the URL of the video you want to download.

The redirect takes you to es.savefrom.net, which is really where the download made. In reality, this web application works the same as the others. Still, having bought this domain allows them to offer user comfort and make it easy for them to remember a method to download video clips directly from YouTube. I hope now you know now about how to download youtube videos in 2020.


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