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Avoiding Those Rookie Mistakes When Adjusting Your Stance Suspension

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Rookie Mistakes

Stance suspension with adjustable coilovers is the ideal addition to anyone’s ride, as it can make your car look super cool. However, whilst dialling in your stance suspension will undoubtedly make your pride and joy the envy of all your friends because of how it looks, if you do it wrong, you can end up crying on the highway wondering where it all went wrong.

The fact is that Stance suspension with coilovers are bought precisely because they can be adjusted, but they can be a pain in the neck if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, if you’re looking to lower your ride, we have some tips for you to ensure you don’t make those rookie mistakes and end up with a car that looks great, but won’t drive.

Don’t Take The Whole Stance Suspension Coilover Out!

A rookie mistake that many make when lowering their coil overs is that they take them completely out to adjust their height. This is a real overkill and it could create much more work than you really need to do. The only reason you might want to completely take your coilover out is if you’re using the lower threaded coilover bodies, however not all come with these coilover options, so it’s important to keep this in mind. 

The Stance Suspension Coilover Locking Collar Isn’t an Adjustment Tool

If you’re making major adjustments to your coilover, it’s not recommended that you use the coilover’s locking collar as an adjustment tool, as it’s just not what you’re supposed to do. Sure, if you want to lower or raise your stance suspension a little, you can do it this way, but the only way to make more purposeful adjustments to the overall height of your ride is by using the proper tools, as they’re much more accurate.

Use the Adjustment Features Provided

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The people who make Stance suspension units create them with adjustment features for a reason, so you really should use them. With features like adjustable dampers, adjustable spring loaders and threaded bodies to use that allow precise control, just slamming the unit without using them is just asking for trouble. Adjust your coilovers without the proper control and your great looking car might not end up driving very well. Be patient and do it the right way.

Account for Stance Suspension Rest

Another rookie mistake some make when adjusting their coilovers is to forget to account for suspension rest. Your adjustments might be perfect in terms of how your ride handles, but if you’re as little 5-10mm out because of forgetting about suspension rest, you could easily end up with tyres that are rubbing hard against your fender. An expensive mistake that won’t happen if you do your calculations correctly.

Your #1 Choice for Stance Suspension Units

There’s no mistaking that good quality coilovers are a great way to enhance how your car looks and drives, but we are talking about precision engineering. What you don’t want to do is invest your hard-earned cash on some high quality stance suspension units only to miss out on all the benefits because you haven’t adjusted them properly. Be patient, use the right tools and follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go!

At Springrates, we are passionate about quality suspension, as we believe it’s the most important modification you can make to your ride. Lowering the suspension of your car helps with handling and braking, as it lowers the center of gravity and it really adds to your car’s aesthetics. If you would like to know more about us and our range of premium Stance suspension products, visit us online at www.springrates.com

Alternatively, should you need any advice, give our friendly team a call on 904-999-8111 and we’ll be more than happy to assist. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back again soon with more from the home of superlative suspension.

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