Home Business Leave It to the Pros: 7 Reasons Why Information Technology Outsourcing is Good for Business

Leave It to the Pros: 7 Reasons Why Information Technology Outsourcing is Good for Business

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Leave It to the Pros: 7 Reasons Why Information Technology Outsourcing is Good for Business

There are some businesses that succeed because of a solid idea. You are likely an expert in your field and you know enough to be an authority in it. Even then, you can have no idea how information technology works.

Computers and new technology can be beyond you. Starting a data center on your own can be a headache. This is where having somebody else manage your IT services comes in.

Utilizing managed IT services boosts productivity in small businesses. Even mid-sized firms can take advantage of IT outsourcing.

If you’re on the fence about information technology outsourcing, here are 7 reasons why you need it. These can convince you or your team’s decision-makers that this is the best way moving forward.

1. Outsourced IT Boosts Your Productivity

These services provide you with better chances of taking advantage of your team. You no longer have to worry about wasted or misplaced resources.

Managed IT services have a variety of options they can provide to businesses. Their wide capabilities, from storage to networking, give you time on business goals. Instead of using your team’s talent in mundane work, you let them do jobs that affect your bottom line.

You can push your resources towards improving operational performance instead of cybersecurity. Managed services can improve your productivity in significant proportions.

2. It Reduces Your Operational Risk

The clearest benefit you can get from information technology outsourcing is reducing operational risk. By reducing your downtime, you let your people work more. This is not only an increase in productivity but a way to enhance your business.

Operational risk are the hazards that your company experiences through its day to day operation. This can come from almost anything, from mistakes done by employees to system errors. How do managed IT services reduce your operational risk?

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According to IBM’s IDC Report, organizations can lose money with downtime. As much as $58,000+ per 100 users can go in productivity. Employees can lose as much as 12.4 hours a year due to server downtime, half of it from the network.

You can have a dedicated team of pros that keep your IT resources running. They can reduce your server and network downtime, some by as much as 85% or more. This will give your team more time to keep working.

3. Managed IT Gives You Predictable Spending Models

One of the best reasons for managed IT services is the predictable spending model. Many IT services deliver custom solutions for every client.

When you get IT service options, you will get structured pricing. This price is consistent and you can pare it down according to your budget. In the long run, you save money because you reduce your labor costs.

The price you pay for outsourced IT is at a fixed rate. Even if circumstances need new training for the staff, you don’t pay for that. The service handles all the support and staff training that you will pay for if you have a dedicated staff.

4. Less Infrastructure Costs

The problem that many small businesses mull over tends to relate to their infrastructure costs. Many companies don’t have the upfront resources to set up elaborate data centers. If you need this level of infrastructure, there’s no way you can stay afloat.

Outsourcing reduces the infrastructure costs that you need to have. While you still need to pay for some of it, most of your infrastructure will be with the outsourced IT. You can reduce the onsite infrastructure by using outsourced data centers.

This gives you unparalleled savings not only in hardware but also space and energy used. You save money on licensing and consultation under a monthly payment. The service can also streamline tech investments into a single provider.

5. Instant Expert-Level Support

There are companies that need expert-level support employees as soon as possible. If you’re one of these companies, your usual avenue will be to hire. Experienced human resources, however, are both expensive and hard to come by.

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Through outsourcing, you don’t have to find and hire IT experts. Managed IT services will have qualified and experienced people on the team. You don’t have to waste time training people from the ground up.

You get to save money from hiring in-house technology experts. Managed IT services can give you the support you need and keep you on pace with modern tech needs.

6. IT Services Running 24/7

Many IT services, especially in-house, will only have a single shift of people. If your business runs 24/7, having a 9-5 team is the last thing you want. When your users or your customers need round the clock support, you need round the clock people.

With managed IT services, your IT team will always be there. Whether it’s day or night, weekend or even during the holidays, you will get support. People will be there to take care of your users and make sure you have superior uptime.

7. Increases Your Scalability

Together with a small upfront investment, outsourcing IT gives you the benefit of growth. It gives you better scalability, giving you the right tech as you grow. You don’t need to future-proof your IT infrastructure, rather the IT service will grow with you.

Whether you grow bigger or downsize your company, you can cater to outsourcing according to your needs. You only get IT resources that you need as you need it.

Why You Need Information Technology Outsourcing

Information technology outsourcing is one of the most crucial decisions you can do for your business. If you are a small business looking to grow or a mid-sized firm looking at profits, they can give you what you need. They can save your money and improve your potential for growth.

Looking to learn more about different IT services and ways to handle your business? We have different guides that can help your business decisions. We even have tips that can give you more profit.

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