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ECU (Engine Control Unit) remapping and its benefits

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The engine control unit is a device that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine. The goal is to provide optimal motor performance. It reads values from a bunch of sensors within the engine bay, analyze the data using multidimensional performance maps, and it adjusts motor actuators.

Whenever the control unit detects a problem or malfunction within the car, it activates fault codes alert. As a result, the check engine light is turning on. Every error number is unique and tells you what problem your car is experiencing. For example, ​p0133 code​ tells you that the oxygen sensor is faulty or that there is an exhaust leak.

Fault code is a message from the on-board diagnostic system for you. Codes are providing you with a lot of useful information, including the location of the problem, malfunctioning system and exact issue that triggered check engine light.

If you’re having doubts about whether it’s worth to alter current settings, here’s a list of a few advantages that come with remapping motor settings in your car.

Torque and power increase

The majority of powerful car buys with finance usually cost the most. Manufacturers often limit their car performance, so there is a noticeable difference between cheaper and more expensive cars. Setting limitations upon the cars is something that most of us don’t realize. But if you do a remap, it removes all constraints.

As a result, you get more out of the engine. You can precisely set your vehicle parameters depending on where you live, altitude and quality of the fuel you use. All these customization elements add up and increase power and torque output.

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Better fuel economy

ECU remap helps you control the fuel. It’s logical that when you step on it, you’ll end up using more fuel than before the remap. But if you won’t go crazy after mapping and try to drive just like you did before, you will experience a big difference.

Reconfiguration increase MPG, and it means you save more money on fuel. According to some people’s reports, you can save up to 5 MPG. You should consider this if you drive a lot because the costs of remapping will pay off faster.

Driveability and overall performance increase

Remapping provides better driveability by 40%. Modifications in engine power and fuel economy have an impact on the smoothness of driving. Even with a bigger load, it’ll be easier to drive. Thanks to ECU remapping you’ll achieve driveability that you have never imagined your car had.

Boosted throttle response

To understand this advantage, you have to know that a car’s computer (ECU) controls most of the vehicle systems, including electronic throttle control (ETC). This system is also known as drive-by-wire. It has one flaw.

In certain circumstances, for example, when you change gears fast or when you overtake, there is a delay in throttle response, and it causes problems.

Problems that can be fixed by control unit reconfiguration, because it strives to overcome the delay by constantly measuring and converting the digital signal of ETC with a new, changed signal. Fixing this flaw results in better acceleration.

Full customization

ECU tuning is excellent to have if you drive on various types of areas and driving conditions. A big advantage is the possibility to have more than one remap setting. Thanks to this feature, you can switch between many remaps and use the one that best fits your needs at the moment.

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There is a group of people that believes engine reconfiguration might be harmful to your car.

It could be true if you use the services of some shady companies. But according to Jamie Turvey, technical director of Superchips, remapping put extra strain on the motor, but it still keeps all the norms.

There’s no danger because the temperature and pressure raises don’t exceed permissible parameters, and everything is tested. ECU remapping is more like getting the most out of your car since manufacturers usually build engines so that they underperform.

In conclusion

ECU remap offers many benefits. At first sight, it might look like a severe modification of the motor, but it isn’t as serious as it seems to be. Altering current settings is a wonderful way of achieving better results when it comes to engine power and performance increase.

If you combine these reasons with the possibility of saving money, it turns out ECU remapping is one of the best investments you could do to your car.

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